Why Skincare Pays Off!

Our generation is so obsessed with makeup. Yes, I can be guilty of this too. But as a person who once suffered from long-lasting, cystic breakouts, I now know that it isn’t about the money you spend on makeup to cover and hide the blemishes or scars, or even to help you appear younger, but it is about what you’re putting on your skin to help prevent aging. It is about to keeping your skin hydrated and healthy! We can use strong creams to prevent and fight breakouts, but we can’t change the fact we are aging- which is why a good skincare routine is so important!

My skin has always been more on the dry/normal side. And living in Arizona is constantly drying out my lips! So when I tried this new brand Laneige, I was so excited to see that they had a lip mask! I think I love the lip mask more than the under eye cream, is that weird? No? Good. The lip mask is magical! Penelope is constantly licking her lips and she usually has a red ring around her lips because they are so chapped. Well this little cream is bubblegum (cotton candy?) flavored, so I would put it on her before bed and boom. All better! It says that is a night-time sleep mask, but I definitely use it during the day as a gloss to keep my lips hydrated and give them a break from lipstick.

This under eye cream is also dream worthy. It is silky and smooth and very cooling. I am  typically laughing or smiling about 75% of the day so I know I am going to get crows feet wrinkles when I am older, which is why I am taking such good care of my skin NOW before it is too late and regret it when I am older! So don’t forget to take care of yourself and your skin so that you are always comfortable and confident for the rest of your life!

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