Weekend Getaway- San Diego

Happy Wednesday! (I actually had to check what day it was because all days are just a blur… #StayAtHomeMomProbs). Anyways we are having a pretty normal day around here! I just got the kids to nap **yay me** and now I am sitting on the couch to do some online shopping for things we need to finish the house. I feel like I am constantly on my computer looking at furniture/decor/rugs and yet I  N E V E R commit to buying anything… I have serious commitment issues when shopping.

But today is the day! I will actually buy something! haha.

Once the kids wake up we might go to a pumpkin patch. I am dying to go since we haven’t been to one in AZ this season, but it is like 96 degrees out and I’m not sure if we’ll make it there. I am beyond ready for AZ to cool off… it has been so freakin hot and all I want to do is wear joggers and hoodies.

The weather in Cali last weekend was the definition of perfect. It was chilly and gloomy.. my two favorite types of days! I love the sunshine, but I love overcast days even more. UGH I can’t wait till we live there some day!!! (right, Jake?)

Anyways, enough of me rambling lol. Here are the photos from our San Diego trip! I’m so glad I have been using my camera more and more and I have finally started to use Lightroom to edit. Things are getting official over here, folks. Might even start shooting weddings now! 😉 100% kidding… anyways, enjoy the photos! The kids’ outfits are from Zara, yet again. Slightly obsessed. Just slightly.




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