Spring Inspiration

I am a little late since Spring has already started.. but that’s ok because now I am even more inspired by all the Spring trends!! Kind of taking a break from fashion right now because well… there is not much to get dressed up for in Rock Falls, IL! Lol but seriously.. not much going on here and no one to impress so I have been living in my gym clothes recently. Low key excited to attend some baseball games next week and dress up again 😉

Since I am having some FOMO from dressing up, I have made a list of 9 of my fave trends + styles for spring! Details below for direct links.

  1. Pink Bomber Jackets. Literally just got one and I am beyond excited to rock it to baseball game. No matter how over dressed I am.
  2. Off The Shoulder Shirts. Seriously.. they’re taking over my closet right now!!
  3. Dressy flats. IDK if I miss dressing up for work so I am drawn to the flats lately, but I am loving denim + paired with classy flats. Especially the bold ones with tons of color! Maybe I’ll venture out of my comfort zone and get a pair..
  4. Bandana Neck Ties... talk about spicing up an outfit!! UGH. Loving it. Also adding this to my next baseball game attire.
  5. Vans. OK I will admit.. Jake has been telling me to get vans for years but I just always thought they were too boyish. But now that it’s Spring and there are cute pastel colors I want like 3 pairs!
  6. Black Watch. Recently bought this exact watch and I feel like such a badass in an all black watch. I love the rose gold too because it matches all my other signature pieces (aka my wedding ring hehe).
  7. Low Messy Bun. This started as a gym hair style for me but now I have been wearing it more casually and I love the girly, grown up look it gives me. Isn’t so weird that a hairstyle can make you feel more grown up?!
  8. EMBRODERIRD EVERYTHING!!!!! Need I say any more? Obsessed.
  9. Circle Shades. I have been wanting a pair forevvvvver and Jake always talks me out of it. But now that I see my Insta feed filled with pictures of girls rocking these… I will be adding them to my collection soon.


I would love to hear what your favorite Spring trends are! I am always looking for something new to try out 🙂

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