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The Sephora sale is here! I am a little late on sharing, but that is because my computer has been broken. I am using Jake’s to share this post. So the sale is only for Sephora members. Totally free to join! The highest level is Sephora Rogue. This members receive 20% and can shop early from Aug 24-29. On August 30 the sale open up to other members. VIB will receive 15% off and Beauty Insider is the basic membership and those members will get 10%. The sale only lasts until September 3rd and there are few limitations! I am a Rogue member, so for me it was a good time to stock up on products for 20%! This may be a good time to score your full price items and save a couple bucks!

Things I purchased:

St. Tropez Face Oil I have been on the hunt for a face tanner for awhile! I have tried two different brands and returned both. I should have tried this one from the very beginning because it is my favorite self tanner for my body. I am excited for it to come and I will let y’all know what I think!

Amika Texture Spray- This is my all time fave styling product for my hair! I love a textured, beauty look when I curl my hair. Something to make it look effortless but won’t make my hair tangled or feel too stiff. I had just ran out of this, and I hate paying full price for hair products (I have a few friends in the hair industry who I can buy products from for cheaper) but since I had 20%, I had to purchase!

Sunday Riley Saturn Facemask- This face mask is in my top 3 fave facemasks. I originally had a smaller sample size and I used it so quick. I do facemasks a few times a week, always switching it up. But this I felt really helped my breakouts when I was experiencing those! This mask doesn’t have the best smell in the world, but it acts so quickly to dry up breakouts and attack them before they get too swollen!

Sunday Riley Power Couple- I love almost all Sunday Riley products. I have used the Luna sleeping oil that was included in this set and I really love it! Not oily and fights breakouts. I have not tried the Good Genes product, but I have been dying to try it! It’s just super expensive.. so I didn’t want to buy a full size product and then not enjoy it. So this set is a good starter kit!

Urban Decay Color Corrector-  Already raved about this to you guys. I love it! It cancels out all my redness because I have very peachy undertones skin. I will use this before my foundation or even before my bb cream. It does an amazing job of concealing breakouts. I prefer to use this over an actual concealer! Something about the formula and this color is perfect for me. I had recently ran out so I chose to repurchase!

Drunk Elephant D Bronzi- I think this is my all time fave beauty item! I am not even out of this, but I bought a second because it’s 20% off and because I KNOW I will want more of it! The perfect product for a natural, glowing look. I mix with my BB cream and I am so obsessed with the glow it gives me! It does not hide all your blemishes, but it is so nice for a natural look. I think everyone should try it!

Things I own that I recommend:

Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads- Ask me my all time fave skincare product…. UGH. I might have to say these!!! I have been using about a month and a half and wow. They are amazing. They are a chemical exfoliatant that is very gentle on the skin but very effective. I love these because when you use a manual exfoliator, like a beaded face wash/powder, that just breaks open your current pimples and can spread the bacteria! These pads are a gentle way to exfoliate the dead skin. I use them every other day, typically after a workout/shower so I feel like l really got the bacteria off my skin!

Tatcha Deep Cleanse- I just started using this face wash and I am so impressed! My past beliefs were that a face cleanser is only on this skin for like 20 seconds, so why splurge on that product? BUT. Ever since I started using this, I have had MINIMAL breakouts. Like compared to what my skin used to be… 180. I think it is really effective at cleansing my skin and being gentle about it.

Tatcha Sheet Mask- Another Tatcha fave- their sheet mask! This is my all time fave sheet mask. IT DOES NOT BUDGE. You can talk, eat.. do anything. And it stays put. It is so hydrating and just gives your skin the PRETTIEST glow!

Clinique Cleansing Balm- I just started using this about a month ago. I use it only when I have a face full of makeup. It works SO well at getting foundation off and mascara and all other products! After I use it, I will wash my face with another cleanser just because I don’t want the oil clogging my pores. If you wear make up a lot, this is for you! I use the small size since I don’t always wear makeup.

Becca Hydra Mist Setting Powder- Where my dry skin girls at?! This was MADE for you. literally. This setting powder LEGIT feels like water touching your face. It sets my foundation like a pro and it doesn’t crack or look cakey. It feels amazing on the skin.

Sunday Riley UFO Oil- This is my other FAVE serum. I can’t decide which of these two products I love more. I alternate them every other night. This is very similar to the other Sunday Riley Serum I listed, but this is composed of different acne fighting ingredients. It is good to switch skincare products up and alternate so that they don’t stop working due to be over used.

Drunk Elephant Whipped Moisturizer- I love it. Jake loves it. It’s a family favorite haha. I mainly use serums at night, but I do love to use a cream moisturizer during the day! This is non greasy and works sooooo well at hydrating the skin. Jake and I both have flakey skin, but this totally takes care of that issue.

Hourglass Foundation If I am doing a full face of makeup, then this is my go to foundation! The coverage is amazing and the finish is beautiful. It looks amazing on my skin, I get a lot of compliments when I wear it! It is not too heavy either, so it works well in the heat.

Nars Radiant Concealer I use this for my under eyes. Very creamy, won’t crack, and also makes it look like I am not a zombie!!

Too Faced Hangover Primer & Setting- I have already told you guys about these two products, but I really love them! It is very hydrating, so great for dry skin. It is free of parabens and sulfate, so it won’t clog your pores! The setting spray also lasts through long baseball games, so that’s a win!

Drunk Elephant Babyfacial Another favorite mask of mine. I love to do this after I have been traveling and my skin feels thick and nasty. It is a mask that helps to promote clearer skin and smoother texture. I feel like it helps in unclogging my pores. It is a pricey item, but I use it twice a week and I love it!

Drunk Elephant Marula Oil– this is THE best serum! It is not for fighting acne or breakouts, but it is a hydrating serum that is not oily or greasy. It leaves my skin super soft! I will use this after my peel pads I mentioned before and it is a great combo.


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