Self Tanner 101

Hi friends! It has been so so soooooo cold in Arizona lately! Barely in the 60s and the mornings/evenings are even in the 30/40s, which is just so rare for this time of the year. This makes it hard to be outside and enjoy the pool and sun!

So since I can’t be outdoors and soaking up the rays like I usually am by this time of the year, I decided to do my self tanner just give my skin some color and not feel so ghostly lol. I haven’t been working out/eating the best, but something about having tan skin boosts my confidence a few points. This is just a personal thing though! I am not saying everyone needs to be tan to feel good about themselves! But self tanning is something I would like to start doing more regularly because there is 0 harm to the skin. And it is soo easy!

This is only my second time using this self tanner but I freaking love it! It works so well and is so easy to use! I have heard nothing but good things about this brand so If you are looking for a self tanner for beginners, this is your stuff!

I use the St. Tropez at home tanner. I received the travel kit from my bridesmaids on my wedding and it took me almost a year to use it. Sorry ladies! I was nervous.. But I wish I would have done it sooner!! This is such a good color and seriously so easy to use at home. I have used it twice- the first time I did it I used it for a “same day” occasion. Meaning I put it on in the morning and washed it off before going out in the evening. The second time I followed the actual directions and used it the night before I was wanting to look tan. Both occasions were great!!

Personally, I have not used the Tan Enhancing Polish- mainly because both times I have used it were on last-minute decisions. However, it still worked AMAZING!! SO say I want to be a bronze goddess for a Friday night? Then I will start the process THURSDAY night. To prepare my skin, I shower and exfoliate. This is when I shave my legs because 1) I am a FREAK about my legs being smooth and 2) you won’t want to shave for the next day or two because it may take away from the intensity/longevity of your tan! After showering, I do not put on lotion. This is just a personal preference of mine. I DO use the Tan Enhancing Moisturizer on my  dry areas- knees, ankles, wrists, elbows because this helps the self tanner to not build up in these areas. And I also use my normal face lotion because I have dry skin!

After the lotion dries, I apply the self tanner with the glove provided. The glove is a total must have!! I begin on my shoulder and work my way down my arm, then moving to my chest, other arm, stomach, and each individual leg. ALWAYS applying in a CIRCULAR motion. I also use three pumps per area! More if I feel it getting too dry. For my hands, I stop on the back of my hand. I never do my fingers. And for my feet, I stop at my ankles. I have never noticed a huge difference in my fingers/toes not being tan.

After all that ^^ is done, I have Jake do my back. He hates it, but it must be done lol. And for my face, I use a dense makeup brush and apply circle motions all the way to my ears. Make sure to blend into the hair line! This is important. Otherwise you ill have lines around your face.

Once the self tanner is dry to touch, you can put your clothes on. Make sure it is not nice white clothing.. that’s a no brainer lol. And try not to get wet at all for the next few hours! This is why it is best to do it before bed. If you have white sheets, just lay a towel down to be safe! It may transfer, but it does wash off.

The next morning (or even next evening) you will want to shower and rinse it off. Before your shower, you will  look dirty and maybe a little orange. This is NORMAL! The extra product will rinse off and it is not going to be as intense. Gently wash your body. You don’t want to scrub hard and take all the color off! I do not shave this day because I do not want to risk it coming off more. After your shower you are free to apply lotion, sweat, basically do everything! It is now time to enjoy your tan!


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