Pumpkin Patch – Zara Kids

Something about experiencing Fall in the Midwest brings me so much joy. I have always loved the cool weather of this time- where you could wear sweaters + leggings or still wear shorts if you wanted to. I think I love it so much because even though we get it at a later time in Arizona, nothing beats a Fall in the Midwest.

So to get the full experience before heading back to AZ next week, I took the kids to the pumpkin patch in town! It’s nothing over the top, but the fact that I often went there with my mom makes it special to me.

I took full advantage of dressing the twins in fall clothing, too! I have been loving the cool, crisp weather here (finally). I also have been loving Zara Kids lately!!! Like obsessed. Jake and I have always shared the same style- neutral, simple, plain….boring as some would say lol. We also have always loved dressing the twins in that same “boring” style, but it proved harder than we thought because 1) that simple, easy going style is expensive and 2) other people often buy the twins their clothes as gifts and I wasn’t going to turn down clothes! Zara has made dressing the twins in our shared style much more easy and affordable!

Jones was not in the best mood because Jake had to go run errands and couldn’t come with us so he was basically devastated. So if you’re wondering why there are more photos of Nelly its because he was crying a lot! Poor guy… he has been such a daddy’s boy since Jake has returned. We haven’t been up to much- just enjoying our family time! I promise to keep everyone in the loop this off season! The blog will be getting a lot of TLC since I will finally have help around the house so make sure you’re following!

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