Post Gym Cleanse with Clarisonic!

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The baseball season has ended and we are getting back into our routine here in AZ! It feels so good to be home. So good. I love the off season because it’s our time to do whatever we want and we get to do it together as a family! Although it is the off season, the training hasn’t stopped! Jake has been working out and going full force and it only motivates me even more to stick with my own fitness routine! We workout in the mornings while kids are at school so that we have our whole day as a family afterwards. I have always washed my skin after I finish a workout, it is a must. But today I am excited to share something that I have added to my post gym skin care routine! 

I have started using the Clarisonic Mia Prima cleansing device after my workouts and I am obsessed! It leaves my skin feeling smooth and genuinely clean- which it should since Clarisonic is the #1 dermatologist recommended cleansing device! And here is an interesting fact-

The clarisonic is clinically proven to cleanse skin 6x better than hands alone and remove long-wear makeup 89%better than wipes. SAYYY WHATT??!!!!

Moving back home has my skin throwing a bit of a fit from the change in climates. Kansas City (wet, humid, cold..) back to Phoenix (dry. dry. DRY). But since I have started using the Clarisonic, I truly see changes in my skin! I don’t only use this device after the gym, I also use it in the evenings as well. It is proven to be safe to use twice a day- even for sensitive skin. It is also so easy to use. I must admit my electric toothbrush is overwhelming because there is about a million settings for different amounts of time. This device just has a single 60 second setting and that’s it. So easy! And the New Daily Radiance brush head features a brush head indicator, notifying you when it’s time to replace it. Again, EASY. 

Confession- I actually am so lazy about washing my face at the sink (and also so messy) that I just take the device in the shower/bath to cleanse my skin LOL. In addition to adding the Clarisonic to my routine, I have also started using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser. I am always so hesitant to try a new cleanser (or any skincare product) because I don’t want to risk a breakout. But honestly, my skin reacted well to this new cleanser! Kiehl’s is a specially formulated gentle foaming cleanser to help remove dirt and gunk without drying your skin up. (AZ does enough of that as is). Even though the cleanser is very gentle, it still feels like your skin is getting clean! That is why I love using these two products together! They’re like my new fave dynamic duo. 

I think the Clarisonic would be the perfect gift to give someone this upcoming Holiday season! Under $100 and who doesn’t love clear skin?

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