Play Room Makeover

Another room in the house is completed- the toy loft! This room has actually been redone since we moved in and demoed it. However, I honestly just threw the toys up here and cleaned it MAYBE once every 5 months. Boy do I wish I was kidding.. this is the kids space. I let them do what they want! Out of sight, out of mind.

This room is a loft and is located right above our kitchen. I wanted to spruce the space up and give it a more organized feel. I knew I wanted a big rug right away. Since this is a loft, it is extremely loud/echoes when they drop toys, which is often. I am so pleased with the rug we have in our guest room from Lorena Canals that I knew I wanted to do another one! These are machine washable rugs, which is a huge plus when you have kids (& a dog). For being machine washable, the quality is still 10/10. The rugs have a beautiful design that doesn’t just look good in children’s spaces, but also main focal points of the home. I am wanting to get another to put in our living room in a few months!

Another item I got from Lorena Canals is this little black and white knitted basket. I love this piece so much! Definitely moving it to the baby’s room once he comes! For now I am using it so hold the million stuff animals the kids have accumulated. I love the simple detailing on this since the rug is so colorful.

I wanted to keep this space open with limited clutter (hence the basket to shove items out of sight). We do a really good job of donating/trashing toys that are no longer being used or are broken. I just don’t like keeping the clutter around. As they get older, I will probably add a nice toy chest/organizing system. But for now I like the open floor that adds focus to the statement rug! Plus… the whole room is usually covered in toys and clutter lol.

For decorations, very simple! I found the animal photos from Hobby Lobby. The book shelf is from Ikea, as well as their toy kitchen. Then I just have a few random baskets from different places that hold all our dress up clothes and other toys.

Overall I love this room now. We didn’t have to do much, besides demo the pink cabinets and add new flooring. But it looks incredible!

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