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The piece I am featuring in today’s blog post was kindly gifted to me from PinkBlush Maternity. However, all opinions are honest & my own!

Dundundun! My first maternity item has been added to the closet! *Gasp* During my first pregnancy I only purchases two maternity items- shorts and a dress for my shower. I’m not really sure why I didn’t buy more.. I don’t know if it was a denial thing about how big my belly was growing or if I just really was lazy.. Plus I was on bed rest for 4 weeks! I didn’t need to look good I guess!

This time around I am not making that mistake again. I want to wear clothes that are flattering to my belly and still make me feel like “myself” aka something I would wear even not pregnant! A friend actually told me about PinkBlush after I shared on Instagram how I struggled to find anything while out shopping one day. I truthfully hadn’t heard much of the brand, mainly because I wasn’t in the maternity market until recently! But then a ton more of my followers suggested I check out PinkBlush because they have trendy styles and their pieces are things that don’t scream “I AM PREGNANT WITH NOTHING TO WEAR.” Win/win in my books!

I truthfully started browsing the website expecting all the items to be outrageously expensive and I was surprisingly wrong! The pieces are listed at a normal boutique pricing and pretty affordable. That made me happy! It made me even happier to see they offer an ambassador program that I am now a member of! This is exciting because now I can share + style pieces for you all!

The first piece I am sharing is this black blouse. I have said this for years- I have a lot of clothing in my closet, but something I lack are tops. Not sweaters or dresses or tank tops, but actual blouses. Throw in being pregnant and WOW I am really limited with my options now. That’s why when I saw this black blouse I had to have it! It is stunning, lightweight, and can be worn with denim jeans, shorts, or white jeans. Keep it casual with some sandals or dress it up for date night like I did with some heels.

I have a pretty small bump still, 20 weeks!, but I know it is going to continue to double (triple?) in size. I love that this top will grow with me and honestly can be worn after the baby too because it doesn’t look like a top designed for pregnant women.

I am so excited about this new found brand! I can’t wait to share more pieces.

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