One Year Anniversary Photos

ONE WHOLE YEAR?! I am shocked. I want to get married again!! I loved every thing about my wedding and I want to relive that day over and over. Just celebrating with friends and family was the absolute best experience. My heart has never been more full than that day!

Jake and I just got these one year anniversary photos taken this week when we also did family photos. I love everything about them. Mari Trancoso is the only one allowed to photograph my family because she always knocks it out of the park haha. We have the same aesthetic and she is the best (quickest) photographer, which is huge because Jake hates photos and wants it to be done asap haha. Typical male, right? See our wedding photos here!

It is incredibly insane to think I am 23 years old and have already been married for a whole year. AND have two kids!! I am so young and I know that. But I like to think I am mature for my age (in most aspects) which I think is why Jake and I work well together. Being married at a young age isn’t every girl/boy’s dream, and that is ok. I think if Jake didn’t play baseball, we may not have even been married just yet. The baseball lifestyle is pretty high paced, he’s surrounded by other grown, married men, and being married just brings in new possibilities for a family in the baseball world. Some people wait and some people don’t, but I am so so happy with our decision of being married at this age.

This first year of marriage has been exciting. We’ve basically always lived together so nothing really changed… I already knew he sucked at doing laundry, left dishes in the sink, and sleeps in as long as possible. So I was prepared for all that! If anything, Jake has really stepped up his house duty’s around the house. And I think we can both agree that I have stepped up my cooking haha. It has been fun to grow and develop these new skills together as parents and homeowners and lovers.

I think marriage comes easy to us because we know how to be independent, thanks baseball. We both ENJOY alone time and do well when we are apart. Some times I prefer to be apart lol. Simply because it is what I have been used to for so long and it has become natural to have distance between us. But nothing, absolutely nothing, beats the feeling of spending the last 4 months together every single day. It has been such a dream come true to wake up next to my husband every morning and get to do basically nothing all day long as a family. That is the best feeling ever and I am so thankful for Jake for providing me with the opportunity to be at home with my family. Blessed beyond words!

I am looking forward to more and more years of marriage with this man. And hopefully my cooking just keep improving because then he’ll never leave me;) Happy Anniversary!




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