One Month Down

I am having some major post wedding depression. I seriously want to relive that day over and over! It was easily one of the best days of my life, and even Jake agrees. It might even top the twins being born because I didn’t almost bleed to death on my wedding day LOL. Sorry twins.. TMI I know.. but seriously it was one of the best days ever.

I keep replaying the day over and over in my head. Jake and I talk about it all time and we just want to do it all again! The day was PERFECT. Beautiful weather. Beautiful people. Beautiful couple 😉 it all went so smoothly too. The only hiccup was the liquor not being delivered with our beer, but the wedding coordinators at The Paseo did such an amazing job of controlling and fixing the situation. They made sure our day ran smoothly without any flaws and I didn’t even have to stress about anything! Our Venue was stunning but the staff was just beyond amazing. I cannot thank them enough! Plus… look at the view. The view was INSTANTLY what sold us on the place. Ugh… take me back!16602014_1669212616711414_782703357710376414_o

One month of being married has been great. I love every minute of being a wife. I actually hate when people keep telling us, “The wedding changes nothing. It’s nothing but a piece of paper. We could have gone to a court-house.” Well those people are just bitter or their wedding simply wasn’t as amazing as mine lol. I would not have paid THAT much money just for a piece of paper. Helllll no. I can honestly say I feel much closer to Jake after the wedding. Just feeling of being able to say “my husband” was worth every penny that went into the wedding. We have always worked great as a team but I think we work even better as husband and wife.

Of course we already lived together and already have kids and basically did everything backwards…but it is 2017.. new traditions are being created and there’s no right or wrong way to handle our lives. The wedding was the beginning of big changes for us; it kicked off spring training and what we hope to be an amazing season. It also has me at home now with the kids. I feel like a legit house wife and let me tell you- I am rocking it. I seriously love being home and love cleaning and doing laundry. Yeah I was doing it before marriage, but now that I’m at home and actually have time to get things done MY way- my anxiety has decreased a ton. I thoroughly enjoy being at home, cooking and cleaning, and being a mom. It brings me such joy (especially the cleaning part). Any girl who says they don’t want to be a house wife (even for a day) is lying because it’s the greatest feeling being with your kids all day and getting shit DONE. (I’ll go back to work someday though so for now let me just feel good about being a house wife).

Our wedding day was seriously everything I had dreamed of. IT FLEW BY!! Like seriously one minute I’m walking down the aisle and then suddenly I woke up the next morning with the world’s worst hangover. But that’s what happens when you get everyone from a small town together to celebrate! The thing I love most about me and Jake’s relationship is that our families know each other and our friends are all friends/know of each other. Perks of a small town. It made the celebration even better because our friends have all moved and gone their own ways now…but our wedding allowed everyone to be in the same place and just have an absolute BLAST (to be a rocket…)  I’m so lame haha. But honestly it was the most fun I’ve had in probably my whole life. I mean… I danced on a chair to Waka Flocka at my wedding so….yeah it was lit.

Jake and I have already talked about how we want to try to get that same group of people together once a year to celebrate and catch up. Everyone has busy schedules, but it’s such a great feeling to have all those who matter most to you in one room. Plus I didn’t get ONE piece of wedding cake so we have to have another celebration so I can get another cake!!

Month one of married life has been good to us and we love every second of it. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this man. It’s a feeling I hope everyone is lucky enough to feel someday. On that note….my friends need to get married ASAP because I want to help celebrate/plan/and eat cake 😉

Here are a few more NEW pictures from the wedding! I should have all of them back in about two weeks from Mari Trancoso so be expecting MANY more 😉


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