Off-Season Update

Hi there! Sorry I’ve been MIA. We have been getting settled back in after the season! We are officially under our own roof as a family again and it feels like heaven!! We’ve been getting back into the swing of things so we’ve been very busy. Running lots of errands, trying to finish the house, etc.. and I’ve also hoped back on my fitness journey which had trailed off due to ballpark pretzels and lack of gyms. But that’s ok! Life happens, right?

I had planned on having a post about the end of season when it ended a few weeks ago, but I decided against it because everyone would probably think I’m a total snob for being excited that the season was over. Sounds stupid and I definitely don’t root against our team, but until you’ve experienced the pressure and stress that the baseball season has on a family (especially when spending the majority of it apart) then you just won’t ever understand why it’s totally acceptable that I was ready for it to end.

This off-season is going to be G R E A T! This will be the first off-season where I’m not working or in school. Which makes life much easier, honestly. It was so hard on us when I was working 45+ hours last off-season because Jake was trying to train and stay focused while also being with the kids all day. It was exhausting on both of us.

I’m blessed beyond words to be able to stay at home with my entire family at the age of 22. I know how lucky I am, you don’t have to remind me lol. And yes. I do miss working. And yes, I do feel silly having a college degree and not using it. But ya know, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. I can work whenever I want in the future. But we may never get time like this again, ya know? So I might as well embrace it! Plus we don’t need the stress of me working and having to find child cares that Jake can train.. that’s expensive and a hassle. So at home is where I belong. My time will come.. I know it will. But for know, my role is at home with my family, doing whatever I can to make sure Jake is focused on his own career and my babies are taken care of.

A lot of people have been asking me/us questions about the off-season/baseball/life in general.. so let me just answer them here!

How long is the off-season??

Great question. Depends how ya look at it lol. Jake actually has just taken the last two weeks off to rest and eat everything in sight (sorry babe). But yesterday he officially began training for the off-season. This will be like 6 days a week.  So really… off-season doesn’t truly exist. We’re not just sitting around doing nothing for a few months. He trains and diets and sleeps ( a lot). But that’s just part of the grind.

He won’t physically touch a baseball until December though. That’s when he begins his throwing program. For now he is just building up his strength for spring training, which will begin in February.

Why are you living in Arizona if his team in his Kansas City?

Lol. Because the moment we buy a house in KC is the moment we get traded or something wild. Plus… have you ever been in the Midwest during winter months? Hard pass. Have you ever been in Arizona during winter months? Yes please. This is our home. We got married here. Brought our babies into the world here. We love Arizona!

Will he be in the big leagues all next season?

Yet another great question with endless possibilities. We just pray for a healthy season. The rest is out of our control.

Why do you live separately from him during the season?

If you’re asking me, it’s because we do whatever is convenient or our family. If you ask Jake, he will say it’s because he needs to rest. That sounds selfish trust me it’s been a huge argument in the past. But when you’re at a baseball field from 1 pm until 11pm and don’t fall asleep until 3 am, then the last thing you need (or want) to do during the season is wake up at 7 am with your toddlers. It took me awhile to come to terms with that. But this season our kids were at a hard age. And for me, there was a lot to do with our house we bought and etc. So it was more important for me to hold the fort down in Arizona and just travel as needed. Was it ideal? No. But it worked. I’m hoping next season we will be together even more! The kids should only get easier from here, right?……LOL

Having Jake home has been an absolute blessing! Just being able to talk to another adult or have help with bath time/grocery shopping is a huge weight off my back. I can’t wait to blog more and share more about our time together these next few months!

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