Nursery Tour

The twin’s room got a makeover recently and we are loving it. The sad part is, we won’t be in this house much longer now that baseball season is here. Guess I didn’t think about that one…oops. We are sad to go but at least all these items can come to our new house (whenever we find one after the season). Their room never really had much once we moved into this house, but then one rainy day and a quick trip to Target BOOM. Total make over! OK false, actually it started on a different rainy day when we went to Ross and I scored the teal circle mirror. I had no plan in mind but when I saw the teal color I knew I wanted pops of fun color that worked for both genders. Then after that I went to Target and scored all these other items. The wall decals were from an Etsy sight and I am totally blanking on the name.. 🙁 I will think of it though! The name posters I made myself. I plan to remake them once I get better at calligraphy but they were an okay first draft. Hopefully I can add a rug in the new house to tie in more of the black colors.

It’s safe to say I will shed a tear or two when I take it all down! But I am really excited to start house hunting after the season is over. We’d like to buy one now instead of rent. Exciting!!!


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