Must Have Swimwear

I can’t just pick one category that I love to shop for… shoes, skincare, and swimsuits are my top 3 for sure. Lately I love shopping for swim suits because the kids and I are in the pool literally every day here in Kansas City. We swim 10x more here at our apartment than we ever did at our own home in AZ! I think it’s because it’s really our only chance at playing outside since we don’t have a backyard here.

So ya, since we swim so much, I am always looking for new suits! We’ve also gone on a few beach trips already this season and I don’t plan on stopping soon;) The thing I look for when buying suits is definitely keeping the cost down! It’s not like I am buying 10+ bikinis at $90 each… so yes the quality may not hold up as long, but I love switching up my swimwear so a low cost is a must! Below are some sites that I LOVE ordering bikinis from!– AMAZING quality and very affordable! (often do sales!!)– a recent discovery. I wasn’t sure any of the 4 I ordered would fit but I loved all four! Very cheap and OK quality.– typically very affordable, adorable styles, and good quality!– this has been a good bikini source of mine for a while. I love their suits! They are having a sale right now too.– these go on sale often and I think they are SO trendy!!– yes. amazing. affordable. cute. TONS of options.

Here are some other suits that I have myself/have my eye on! I also included some coverups because those are a must. Walking to the pool in just a bikini is a… strange feeling haha.

Enjoy Ladies!


Bree Marie

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