Mrs. Junis

Lots has changed since I last blogged.. new blog, new job… but most importantly..

I HAVE A HUSBAND!!!! The wedding happened this past Thursday and oh my god did it F L Y by. Like seriously, I cannot believe it is over! All those months of planning really paid off because the entire day went perrrrfect. It started out with mimosas + laughter. The girls all got ready at my house. It was so much fun! I felt so relaxed and at ease because we weren’t rushed at all (shocking I know). We jammed out to this awesome playlist that Cierra spent hours making. She even titled it “Sassy”. Very accurate, girlfriend. From there we got our make up done, more mimosas, selfies, more mimosas, and lots and lots of laughs.

We got to the venue and my heart literally jumped outta my chest when I got to see all the flowers + decor. I mean seriously!! It was exactly like my Pinterest board! The flowers were designed by J Barry and she really knocked it out of the park. I might just carry my bouquet around for the rest of the year!! Lace and a Barn decorated my sweet heart table + the ceremony arch + vintage furniture pieces. Those were better than I ever could have imagined! I went back and forth for weeks trying to decide if I needed those items… but I am SO glad that I decided yes.

From there we continued the drinking and did the dress reveal. My dress was designed for me by a friend of a friend. It was e x a c t l y what I wanted! I mean literally exactly like my vision. I knew I was never going to find a dress that I loved.. I had this perfect vision in my head and she nailed it! So happy with the outcome. We then continued to drink (oops) and then before we knew it BOOM. The wedding planner was telling us to line up because it was time to walk down the isle. From there it’s all a blur. I mean it could be the nerves, the adrenaline, or maybe the alcohol… but it seriously FLEW by. All in all, it was amazing ceremony + reception. The venue was beautiful and all my friends + family were there. I could not have asked for a better day. Blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people!!

Here are some sneak peak photos of our amazing day. Mari Trancoso was our photographer. Since she is a good friend of mine, she stayed with us at my house and was there capture all the memories from start + finish plus add to the beauty and memories we created! 16601598_1669209656711710_2118202862689337294_o16602014_1669212616711414_782703357710376414_o16422280_1669211260044883_4458758983720017036_o16422562_1669210146711661_6117411726192641884_o16422658_1669211673378175_3541571892698784183_o16422719_1669212306711445_4234166515639445352_o16422928_1669211200044889_7531255620823256388_o16422949_1669210363378306_4730630077109977949_o16423049_1669212796711396_1407422989008745705_o16463113_1669211436711532_7105079132124306043_o16463354_1669210753378267_9133447680944738329_o16463592_1669209120045097_8438336666504797128_o16463799_1669210630044946_4033259505783683376_o16463867_1669211366711539_1781123475585258897_o16486819_1669212086711467_4967211545837254685_o16486973_1669212800044729_7164824820901312165_o16487008_1669209096711766_6443028968585071434_o16487110_1669209183378424_8740582633575151078_o16487219_1669212353378107_3935097831197534125_o16487219_1669212700044739_6599249096503388647_o16487434_1669211016711574_3861566658601161649_o16487481_1669212386711437_3912136473007521315_o16487563_1669210663378276_1563703678767065161_o16487590_1669209806711695_7955756019911413158_o16487663_1669210980044911_3110316058507626467_o16487778_1669209436711732_1118786645963140862_o16586943_1669209346711741_5774347595492898560_o16586970_1669212153378127_5086595440917427515_o16587070_1669210003378342_1103691576897334346_o16587212_1669211626711513_6470555525883545247_o16587255_1669212580044751_6174275729799753551_o16587326_1669211976711478_6657880872163212671_o16601615_1669210386711637_4768523161168333955_o16602320_1669209676711708_3035031430464210276_o16602540_1669210436711632_1147164349664822886_o


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    Oh my goodness Bree! It’s all so stunning! I’m so happy I had the chance to celebrate this special day {and weekend} with you! Love the photos to pieces!

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    Oh my goodness Brianne! So so gorgeous! So glad we got to be apart of your day!

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