Month One of Mommy Duty

I cannot believe that it has already been a month of me being at home with the twins. (and almost a month since the wedding!) I am in total denial because part of me thinks it has flown by while the other part of me knows there are definitely days where I am counting down the hours until Jake comes home/bed time. This month has been a very challenging month. But a very rewarding month.

When I was working, I was literally missing so much with the twins. I was leaving for work while they were still asleep in the morning and I would come home and only be able to spend about two hours with them before it was bedtime. I felt terrible. My kids were growing and learning new things and I was barely around to see it. I felt at ease knowing that Jake was there to see all these things after he missed so much during the season, but I was so jealous because I wanted to be there and experience it as a family.

Our original plan that we came up with in January was that come March 1st, I would no longer be working so that I could be with the twins while Jake was at the field. We knew that spring training was starting earlier in February this year so we just planned to have nannies come over and watch the twins till either Jake or I got home. As February was approaching, I was beyond over my job and we were realizing how unrealistic it was to just have a bunch of different people come watch the twins throughout the day (since no one had the availability to watch them all day). So we made the bold decision for me to miss out on an additional month of paychecks so I could stay at home for all of February as well. And let me tell you… this month at home has been far more rewarding than any paycheck would have been.

We have our daily routine down to science now! Our mornings and early afternoons are always awesome. They typically wake up in the greatest of moods. And we have a great morning routine that keeps us busy. They always start to get crabby around 9:30, which is why we always go to the gym in the mornings. It is a great way for them to burn some energy at the daycare and also interact with other kids. They love going there and getting out of the house!

Then we will run whatever errands we need to run ahem… Target. And we come home for a quick snack followed by nap time. This is my favorite time because I use this to clean up quickly, shower, and relax in my bed. I’m not much of a daytime napper, so this is when I usually will type up some quick blogs and just enjoy the silence!

Once they wake up from their naps we eat some lunch. This is usually when a switch flips and they become little devil babies. Our days usually go downhill from here… Maybe my patience has just run thin by now from the occasional morning meltdowns or maybe they’re just sick of me by this time lol.. but from roughly 3 or 4 pm up until bedtime is just a never-ending time frame. This is when they want to fight with each other and they act way too dramatic. I definitely look forward to bedtime during this time frame! I am working on my patience with them. The terrible twos have struck our house, but we are learning news ways to avoid the usual meltdowns! We take advantage of all chances to leave the house.

But no matter how challenging the evenings (or even days are), I would not trade these moments for the WORLD. Being at home with my kids has made me appreciate so many things. It has made me appreciate Jake for doing this every day during the off-season. It is a very tough job so bless his soul for doing it. It has made me appreciate all the little things. It’s like each day they learn a new word or they show more of their quirky personalities. It has also made me a better mom. I used to come home from work and they would get excited for like 1 minute before they were back to being attached to Jake’s hip. Now it’s the total opposite and they want me all the time. It is the greatest feeling ever and I will never take this feeling for granted. Being at home has also made me appreciate being at home. I know that sounds silly, but now I realize how truly AMAZING of an opportunity this is for my family and me. I see it from both sides now because I have worked a 45+hr workweek and now I’ve also spent a whole month at home too. Its clear which one I prefer… but I know that not every momma gets this opportunity, which is why I am fully embracing these moments with my kids. I am beyond blessed and thankful to be with these two every day. They make me crazy, but they make my heart so full.

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  • Reply Kathy Clark March 11, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    I’m so glad you love staying home, I do not regret that for one minute, Jay was gone a lot but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. Now I get to do the same for my grandkids💞Enjoy them, time goes so fast

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