Mommy Guilt // Vegas Trip

Hi guys! I had a great relaxing weekend in Chicago seeing friends and shopping and eating. MY GOD DID WE EAT! The babies were with their grandparents and it seems like they had a lot of fun as well! This is kind of a random post of me just rambling but we’ll roll with it! Kind of venting so if you don’t want to hear it.. Then just stop while you’re ahead lol.

I was supposed to be back in the IL area until next Wednesday, so almost two whole weeks here. BUT, the hubby told me he missed me and wanted me to come to Vegas and spend some quality time just the two of us. I thought that sounded like exactly what I needed. It’s very rare that we ever travel alone. It happens sometimes, but we usually have the twins with us wherever we go. I’ve only ever been to see him during the season without the twins one time since they’ve been born- Fourth of July last year! So I think this will be a well-deserved alone time for me at the baseball field. Plus it’s Vegas….so bringing the kids doesn’t seem like the brightest idea.

I will admit, it kind of took me like two days to fully decide to go. As soon as he asked, I wanted to go! But I was hesitant. And for (what I now see as) a silly reason. Since I was already gone for the weekend in Chicago, I was hesitant about leaving the twins again. But not for the right reasons..  They don’t always get to see the Midwest family since we’re usually in AZ so I like to take them to the family members around here. I knew the twins would be in good hands. So I wasn’t necessarily worried about them, but I was worried about what other people would think. This upcoming Sunday is Mother’s Day and even though I will be back late Saturday night to spend Sunday with them, I was honestly worried about what people would think.

I didn’t want people thinking I was a bad mom for leaving my kids for 4 days while I went to Vegas. Sounds like a terrible sentence right there. “Moms ditching the kids to go hang poolside in Vegas! TTYL guys!” Yeah.. that sounds kind of bad lol. I thought (or maybe I should say “know” since it will happen regardless of this post) people would judge me for leaving my kids with family members while I spent quality time with my husband. Or I thought they would think I was missing Mother’s Day with my kids.

It took a lot of persuasion from Jake and my friend Sidney (aka the twins step dad as we say). I even had to ask my mother in law what her opinion was. Of course everyone said to go! Enjoy the sleep, enjoy actually sitting at a game, and enjoy yourself. I kept thinking about it and then I was like…who am I to care what people think?? 

I NEVER care what people think. I go to the store in my PJs. I go to the gym with my acne medicine on my face. And I act like a total weirdo all the time. But for some reason when it comes to being a mother, it’s a whole different type of guilt and shame that people put on you. Other people are so freaking quick to judge you when it comes to parenting. But why?? What makes MY parenting skills any concern to you? I never understand that..

I have said it before, and maybe I’m saying it again to remind myself, but every family is in a different situation that no one will ever understand. So why do we try to tell people how to raise their kids when they are in a completely different lifestyle than you? It just doesn’t make sense. I don’t care if your kid sleeps in the bed with you still. I don’t care if your children go to daycare 45 hours a week because you work full-time. As long as your kids are happy and healthy and LOVED, just keep doing what you’re doing. That’s my mindset at least.

I will miss my kids SO much while I’m in Vegas for 4 days. But I mean…are my kids really going to remember this?? Are my kids going to be mad when they’re older because I left them with their grandparents to have a fun time? Absolutely not. My kids will have 100x more fun here in Illinois playing outside and doing their normal routine rather than sitting on a plane for 4 hours, sitting through MORE baseball games, and sleeping in a hotel.  They will have a blast and probably not even realize I’m gone if we’re being honest. They their family members here and they love the outdoors.

So yes, I will be going to Vegas! And I will enjoy my time with my husband. And yes, people will probably think it’s a bad idea. But why do others care so much??? Mommy guilt is a real thing and being a mom is hard enough. We don’t need to add more pressure to motherhood. Unless a child’s safety is being compromised, stop caring whether or not other kids still have a binky, or if they’re potty trained, or whether or not my kids will be in good hands while I travel to see my husband.

I am really glad that I have decided to go on this trip! I think it will be a nice break for me and Jake to enjoy some quality time… aka… Jake is going to sleep until 1 pm every day. I’ll try to sleep in past 8 AM.. 🙂


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