Milestone Purchases with Walmart

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post! All opinions are honest and my own.

Can I just start out by saying HOW is Jett almost three months old?! So so so cliche… but it truly is going so quick. I think about how in another 3 months he’ll be half way to a year and then another 6 months he will be a year! It is going so so so quick. He is growing and changing so much already.

As if he hasn’t already completely taken over our hearts, he is also taking over the house haha. SO much baby stuff and we are only going to be getting more as he continues to grow! He will be out growing his swing in a a few months (#bigbaby) and we will start having to get big boy items! I already got him a jumper because I was a little eager and I saw the perfect one at Walmart. It is simple, but not boring. Since all of his play items are in main living room I wanted things to somewhat match my aesthetic, because.. well that’s just how I am.

As he continues to grow I will be getting his big boy items from Walmart because they have a huuuuuge selection and their items are often on rollback! They have items that are both affordable, such as their own brand called Parent’s Choice which is great quality at a low price, and then they also have premium brands. Literally, they have it all. I have linked below some of the items we will be looking into getting Jett and also some of them we already have. Remember to check out Walmart next time you need any sort of baby gear!






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