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Hello hello hello! Big changes have been happening in the past few days for my little family! As you can tell I am SUPER excited! It feels so good to be back in Arizona! Like it was an instant relief to be back home. We have called a lot of places home in the past few months, but nothing will ever feel more like home than Arizona. Jake and I may have been raised in Illinois, but Arizona is our home now. We started our family here, got married here, and we now own a house here. It feels so great to be homeowners in Arizona!

 And today we are officially homeowners! We now have the keys to our dream home! It is beautiful. (photos below!) Absolutely perfect for our little family with lots of potential to grow into (I have baby fever!). Today also starts our remodeling! Now I know everyone is thinking, “But it is already so gorgeous?! What could you possibly change?!” Let me just say that yes, it is beautiful. But the original design concept was very half-assed. In person you can see that they did not pay attention to details. Since this is our first home, we want to make it OURS by making it everything we want. We also know that we will not live here forever, so we want to be able to sell it for the right price. But that’s a long ways away because I am not leaving this home for a LONG time!

We will be redoing the floors to a dark grey mixed with lighter shades. All the walls will also be different shades of grey. Bathroom floors will be black and white (do you think we hate color or….?). ALL that blue is going bye bye (sorry!) And then once we run into more money, we will be redoing the master bathroom shower/bath into an all white look. THAT IS WHAT I AM MOST EXCITED ABOUT!!!!

The other bathrooms are receiving a quick TLC by painting the cabinets black and floors will be white. Other updates will follow later on.

We decided to go all out on our remodeling right away so that we could stop worrying about our stuff in storage and get it moved into the house without having to worry about moving it again for floor/paint jobs. It was a little (ok a hell of a lot) more than we had anticipated… but we are so ready to have our home be the way we want. I know it will take a while to all come together, but UGH it will be worth it!!

In the mean time, I am staying at a family friends in Arizona. It has been so great to be surrounded by people again rather than just talking to two year olds all day lol. It should hopefully be about 2 weeks max before I can move my stuff into the new home. So fingers crossed there are no hiccups!

As for the rest of my life, it has been going great! I really feel like I am gaining control of my anxiety. I have been doing amazing workouts, yoga practices with good intentions, and trying to remain calm and positive. It is a little hard right now since me and the kids have all our clothes in 6 suitcases and have to dig to find anything.. but we know this is all worth it in the end!

As for baseball, it is almost done! Ok that was dramatic and straightforward.. lol. But really I miss my husband so we are low-key counting down the days! His season is going extremely well and he is still bouncing all over the place. He is currently back in Triple A and their season has only a month and a half left. Big league season goes into October so who knows when we will be reunited. We miss him so so much but are incredibly grateful for everything he is doing for family right now. We could not do this without him.

I plan to stay the rest of the season in Arizona. I will of course go visit my husband and family at different times, but I will now be using Arizona as my home base. The twins also turn two next week (holy smokes!!!) so they will not fly free anymore, limiting were we go. But I know we will make it work by doing whats best for us!

I am so looking forward to sharing more of our home journey with y’all! I still will be posting more about babies and fashion and beauty and fitness and my mental journey (that sounds weird but y’all know what I mean).

I am also looking to give my whole blog a new makeover, so message me any good website builders you have!!


  • Reply Melissa July 14, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    Love it Bree!!!!! You are one tough cookie!!!!! Will miss you all… blessed beyond words…….!!!!!

  • Reply Alexandra July 17, 2017 at 3:18 am

    Okay your house is UNREAL!!! Love!!!

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