Life Update

I know I know.. been awhile. BUT here we are so let’s get right back to it! We have been incredibly busy with traveling, baseball, and trying to purchase our first home. It’s like all the exciting things have all happened at one time for us! That’s ok though, I like the feeling of being overwhelmed (odd I know). I just like having things to keep me busy, which I definitely have been busy to say the least!

So let’s start with baseball. We are currently in Kansas City. Jake has been back up on the big league roster for almost two weeks. Very exciting! As always, we know nothing in baseball is permanent. So we are enjoying every single experience this career has to offer. I even traveled to San Diego, San Francisco, and LA last week to watch the team. AND I went baby free. I know you other mommas are jealous. Rightfully so. It was awesome. I slept in. I watched Netflix. I relaxed. And I enjoyed some much needed quality time with my man. It was an amazing trip but glad to be back as a full family now.

Like I said, we are now in KC for the next week and the babies are with me. (I plan to call them babies till they are 20. I decided then I will call them “kids”). We have some fun stuff planned to do this week so I am really looking forward to this family time! After this week I will head back to IL and probably be there until the all-star break. Things are always changing though so I’ll try to keep y’all updated!

As for our house hunt in Arizona… we have found the one! We knew this was going to be the one we wanted because we stalked it online for about a week before I even flew out to AZ. It was the first house I toured on my trip and I should have just stopped after the first one lol. It’s got the BIGGEST backyard that’s made to entertain (and kid friendly with a fence already around the pool!) It is a big and spacious house and has let’s of opportunity to get creative with all the space.

We originally withdrew our offer because our home inspection didn’t go as hoped.. but during our Cali trip we spent many late nights searching for homes online and discussing the old offer. We couldn’t seem to shake that house from our mind. So we put another offer on it and in less than a month, we will be home owners!! This is such an exciting time for us! I can’t wait to make this a home for my family. I can see us raising our kids here (and expanding our family!).

Whoever said buying a house was stressful and a long process clearly didn’t work with our realtor. Yes, there has needed to be a lot of stuff submitted.. but our realtor really walked us through the process extremely well! I felt like everything was laid out for us to clearly understand. She made sure we were making the best choice possible. I’ll share more about this in a later post!

So yeah, that’s basically about all that is going on for us! Enjoying the baseball life and becoming homeowners. The season is almost half over already!! I can’t believe that. Kind of feels like it just started…kind of feels like it should be over by now. Once we finally own the house I will probably go out there for about a month to get renovations going and get our stuff all moved in. Then I’ll come back to the Midwest to finish out season. But who knows….that’s just my plan as of now and my plans are constantly changing lol #baseballproblems I’m looking forward to sharing our home journey more! In the meantime I’ll keep sharing more fitness/beauty/fashion/pictures of my adorable family.

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