Life/Baseball Update

Well that sure came quick! Opening day is less than a week so you know what that means… time to move!! Man oh man.. what a stressful time this always is. I always over react and probably make things 100x more stressful.. but hey, it is what I do best :,)

This season is going to be exciting! I have refrained from sharing much because honestly baseball is so unpredictable. Things can change in the blink of an eye and nothing is ever guaranteed. We were hopeful and confident that Jake would break with the team and get sent to Kansas City, but ya just never know. Even if he does go to triple A again at any point this year, this life is a blessing in itself and we enjoy every moment of it!

With that being said, we are heading to Kansas City! Well actually I am already here. I did the 18 hour drive yesterday by myself. #HeOwesMe We have rented an apartment and I got here a few days before Jake to get everything furnished and put away so that it is an easy transition for him and the twins. This was hard to plan (especially when ya know… we never really knew how/what to plan), but I am beyond thankful that we have amazing family who will be taking the kids for the next week while I am in KC by myself getting situated. We are starting completely from scratch here so I need to hustle and bustle!

The kids and I will be reunited for Easter and then we will be spending the season with Jake in KC! This is exciting for us. We usually do long distance/visit. But this will be the first time we are actually living completely together!! Jake will be on the road almost every other week for 3-10ish days at a time (now taking all recommendations on how to entertain 2 tiny humans in a tiny apartment). But this will be so good for my family! A lot less time spent in a car driving back n forth to see each other and more time just living life and enjoying it.

I am slightly worried about going from basically a 5 bedroom house with giant yard to a tiny two bedroom apartment.. but this will be good for me and the kids. We will have to get creative and close (literally) but I am looking forward to it!

We will be keeping our home here in AZ since ya know.. we bought it lol. So I will still be visiting AZ every now and then. But I will be spending the majority of my time in KC. I am so excited for the new adventures and travels! I will be sharing more as the season continues 🙂

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  • Reply Melissa March 26, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    Awesome for you all!!!!! Lots of trips to the parks, Chick Fil A play land, children’s museums, water parks, World’s of Fun, Ocean’s of Fun get a season pass for both, you might inquire about interactive story times at local libraries!! Just to name a few things to do, the time will fly!! Most important, is you are all together, fantastic!!!

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