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Finally! I am able to share our kitchen remodel! We have lived here for about 1.5 years. We immediately remodeled a lot, however we waited on the kitchen since it was going to be a pricey project. It has been done for a few months now, but I wanted to wait until all the final touches were done to share! Let’s start with the before photos!



Words cannot explain how in love I am with the outcome! It was so worth the wait. It is exactly what we wanted! When we moved in, we did put in new floors and paint (thank god) . However, counters, back splash, and replacing that horrible desk area had to wait. The desk was really the main thing we hated about the kitchen. It really limited the usable counter space and the flow of the kitchen. I REALLY wanted some open shelving, so this was the perfect place to put them!

A lot of you have reached out and asked who we used for a contractor, and honestly it was just a hodge podge of people! Jake’s Grandpa removed/demo-ed the desk area. Then a friend of a friend made the custom cabinets to fill in the desk space because we needed new, counter height cabinets to make the counters flow as one. Then we had another friend do the backsplash & custom floating shelves. The back splash was super affordable, really the only thing we took the cheap route on lol. It was very cheap per square ft but exactly what we wanted! We got it from Floor & Decor here in Arizona.

After that, we had a painter come in and paint the bottom shelves, island, and nook black. It is so funny (to me)  because when we were house hunting, I NEEDED all white kitchen. I loved white cabinets! But as soon we moved in, I realized how disgusting the cabinets can get, especially the bottom ones from food being dropped. I started to think up the idea of doing a two tone kitchen and I was sold! It is so much more functional for us. It does darken up the house, but that is why we added the natural wood look all over- shelves, table, chairs. I think it matches the rest of the house so well!

Our counters, this was the hardest decision! We knew we wanted quartz because of durability. But we could not agree on any slabs! Jake wanted dark, or at least really marbled counters. I, however, wanted the brightest and whitest counters. We ended up going with a Cambria Quartz, the luxury series because we liked the grey to tie in the rest of our house. I LOVE them.

After that the kitchen was done! It used to be grey like the rest of the house, but then I decided to paint it white. So happy I did that! After that it was a just slow process of finding the new table + chairs. The table was the HARDEST part because the nook is such a odd shape- very skinny but very long. It took months. Our old table was a custom made one, but it was way too small and way to wobbly. Finally we got this one from Wayfair! We still weren’t sure the measurements would work, but we pulled the trigger anyways. And its perfect! Last touches were our new chairs. The table chairs were a splurge, but I had been wanting them FOREVER. I had never seen them in black so as soon as I saw them, I had to have them. And since they came in a pack of 2, the price wasn’t as high as the other colors I had previously considered. And then the barstools were a last minute find from Target and they really tie together the color scheme.

I am so happy with how everything turned out! I have linked everything I can think of at the end! If you guys have any questions, please email or DM me!

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