Karma is REAL

Isn’t it funny how Karma works?? I wasn’t ever a HUGE Karma person until meeting Jake. He’s always saying to do the right thing because he doesn’t want Karma to come and kick him in the balls. He’s always leaves a generous tip, never boasts too much, and always chooses to do what’s right.

Well I guess I need to follow in his foot steps more because Karma came around to me yesterday and b**** slapped me across the face. I was starting to think too mighty of myself and well, I was wrong for doing so. Read on to see what happened and gave me a heart wrenching anxiety attack!

Two nights ago I got the kids in bed around 8:30 pm. They jumped around (by around I mean ON me) and they climbed in and it of bed a million times. Around 9:30 they were passed out. I thought to myself, hmm.. still pretty early. I got on my lap top and start typing a blog post for the next day!

I had decided I wanted to share some tips on how I keep my house soooo clean with two toddlers. I seriously probably sat there for an hour and a half and only typed two very small paragraphs. For some reason it wasn’t flowing to me. Usually writing is so easy but I was stumped.

I kept thinking to myself, “well I do an amazing job keeping my home beautiful at all times.  Why is this so hard right now?!” I was even looking at Pinterest for more cleaning tips. Not that I was stealing others work.. but I was just mind blank.

I finally called it a night and then resumed it yesterday morning. I tried so hard to find the words to share about how I have this amazing yet very challenging stay at home mom position. I’m overwhelmed with two very emotional and two very needy toddlers all day yet my home looks perfect because I was raised that way. No matter how busy you are, there’s always time to make your house tidy. Or so I thought…

I still couldn’t think of what tips to give. So I literally deleted the entire post and closed my lap top. When I looked up, I realized “OH SHIT”. No wonder I couldn’t think of any over-the-top, awe-inspiring cleaning tips….

My house was a disaster. New boxes scattered across my floor, my pool covered in leaves, my patio covered in crushed up gold fish. My counters stained with dried milk, pizza sauce coated my white table, and tile construction dust covered every inch of my floor. Laundry that was folded three days ago wasn’t put away…my jaw dropped.

Now my house is usually very tidy. I won’t say “clean” because clean, in my mind, means no dust on your fans, baseboard sparkling… you know..the nitty gritty stuff. I was raised by a mother who was very tidy and a father who was a genuinely CLEAN person.

I always think highly of myself and take pride in my clean home. I think that’s why I was inspired to write a post for a busy moms to help keep their home tidy and organized like my own. But after seeing my house and yard absolutely destroyed… I lost it. I was appalled at how messy I had allowed it to get. I didn’t even know where to start cleaning. I LEGIT had a breakdown, tears and xanax and more tears, over a simple mess. But like I said, messes are my main trigger point for anxiety. It sounds so silly as I type it, but it’s just who I am. I legit panicked and left my house because I could not handle it.

So I was wrong. Very wrong. Who was I to try and tell other moms who stay at home or work 40+ hours a week that their home NEEDS to be clean??vI don’t deserve to tell people how to clean or to judge them based of the cleanliness of their floor. I don’t know what your house dynamic is. I don’t know how often you work. I don’t know how you were raised. I don’t know anything about your home or your own idea of perspective, clean, etc..So before I go sharing a dramatic “Here’s ten ways to keep your home sparkling and dinner severed every night at 5 pm!!!!” I better close my lap top, PLAY with my children first, and then find a little me time to clean my house.

Me, personally, I feel a million times better when I’m out in public or playing with my kids knowing my house is at least somewhat tidy. That’s just who I am. Cleanliness is a major trigger point for my anxiety (thanks dad). So yes, a clean home IS a happy home. But that’s only for me! A messy home may mean your making memories with your family and that is totally acceptable. I will no longer judge you. (because I am afraid of that slap from Karma again TBH)

If you are like me and sleep better knowing there aren’t dust bunnies all over your floor or toys scattered on the couch, then read my quick and easy mom tips to keep your home flowing for you and your family. Or don’t read. IDC. Do what makes YOU happy!!

1) An unorganized toy box in the living room..totally acceptable. Your home should look lived in.. toys don’t need to be hidden at all times.

2) Sweep after breakfasts and dinner. Save the deep floor clean for the evening. Give it a good mop/swifter once the kids are down. Try and do it every other day so it never gets too bad.

3) Try not give a shit.

4) If you’re like me, then #3 comes hard.. so try being more realistic. Don’t feel like your home needs to be spotless 24/7. That is just never going to happen with kids. Instead try to stay organized so that you can easily out things in the right spot.

5) Keep a physical list of the big cleaning hauls. I will be walking around my house and see things in different rooms that are bothering me and giving me anxiety. I will write them down on the notes in my phone and find a time to get it done when it is more convenient for my family.

6) Embrace your home. Your life. Your mess. Your memories.

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