Jett’s Birth Story

Can’t help but laugh at my birth story for Jett. Basically everything I prepared for my whole pregnancy in terms of a “birth plan” (wouldn’t quite say I had a birth plan) did not happen. I had been planning for 9 months to have a VBAC- vaginal birth after cesarean. For those you of you who don’t know, Penelope was born vaginally and Jones was an emergency C section. Anyways I did not like my c section with Jones. It was horrible experience- mainly because it was an emergency. So I had been planning all along to have a VBAC. I actually was seeing a doctor who had the highest success rate for VBAC in all of Arizona. And yet, I ended up having another c section. I am not mad, not even in the slightest. I actually chose the c section! (I’ll explain soon). I really do think everything happens for a reason. This was meant to be Jett’s delivery method for some unknown reason. Here is his (comical) story!

For those of you who don’t know, baseball players only get a 3 day paternity leave. It is the quickest 3 days EVER. This is just another reason I did not want a c section- because I didn’t want to spend all those 3 days in the hospital and not get to be home with Jake and the baby. 

Towards the very end of pregnancy, my doctor and I discussed being induced so that we could set a date and guarantee that Jake would be home. I was worried I would go into labor and since the team would be on the east coast, he would never make it on time. Typically with a VBAC you are not induced. It is usually recommended you go into labor naturally to avoid any complications and having a repeat c section. However my doctor was comfortable inducing me. And to me, it was just important that Jake be there. So we picked a day! July 23rd, the day after the twins bday, I would be induced!

So Jake told the Royals. Booked his flights so he could be here for 3 days and we anxiously awaited July 23rd! I was supposed to be admitted at 5 am to be induced. The few people I did tell about my induction kept saying things like “can’t believe you’ll be leaving and coming home with another baby!” But I would just say “yeah hopefully” because I had this feeling something would go wrong. WOW what a morning July 23rd turned into..

I was supposed to call 2 hours before to make sure there was bed space for me to be induced. I spent the whole night before praying and hoping that not a surplus of women went into labor that night lol. So I set my alarm for 3 am and called to check in. 

“Hi this is Brianne Junis, calling to check in for my induction at 5 am”

“hmmm…. yeah…. I have you scheduled for Friday the 26th..”


If you know me well, you can imagine my exact face at this moment. My blank stare with my lips making a sarcastic grin, nostrils flared lol. I was LIVID. They were wrong, 100%. I remember picking the day with my doctor. Very significant day- day after the twins bday. Clearly someone messed this up.

I proceeded to tell them they were wrong. And that I only have 72 hours of my husband being home sooooo I NEED to be induced like right now. They could have cared less. After being transferred to a million different people, they said there was nothing they could do and I needed to talk to my Doctor who would come in for his short at 8 am. 

I was a hot fucking mess lol. Not only was I OVER being pregnant, but I was wasting Jake’s time. So I called the doctor at the hospital who was on call for my practice. Actually I called her twice and she did not return my calls. I was panicking. As it got closer to 5 am, I told Jake we should just drive to the hospital and hopefully they will still admit me since my doctor was coming in anyways. And surely he would make time for me. What would they do? Turn me away?

So we loaded up and started to drive to the hospital- which is 30 min from our house. Literally as we’re pulling up to the hospital the doctor on call called me back. She says they are at full capacity. That even if I WAS scheduled for that day, they are so full/busy that would not be able to induce me since I was not in a medical emergency. She said maaaaaaybe tomorrow morning they would induce me.. maybe. I fucking LOST IT. I was bawling like a baby. 

I continued to explain how my husband is only here for a short time and that my doctor will understand since he has delivered a lot of baseball babies before..  So she said she would speak with him at 8 am when he came in and she’d get back to me. 

So we turned around and went home. I think I cried the whole way home. I was tired and pissed off and annoyed and a lot of other emotions. 8 am rolls around and she actually calls back- only to tell me that tomorrow morning if they aren’t still at full capacity, they will induce me. 

COOL I thought. So Here we are wasting one whole day with Jake and then MAYBE I will be induced tomorrow? When my own doctor isn’t even the one on shift at the hospital that day?! Insert breakdown number 3 lol. 

I didn’t even know what to do with my day. I thought I was supposed to have a baby this day, but here I was getting the run around and playing phone tag with a million people trying to get something sorted out. I had my friend stay the night  before because she was going to stay with the kids at 5 am when Jake and I were ~supposed~ to be having a baby. So her and I sat on the couch and talked about how frustrating the situation was. She was actually the one who encouraged me to keep calling and try to get something figured out, or at least GUARANTEED for the next day. Because if they were still full tomorrow, i would have to wait till Friday… and Jake had to leave Tuesday.. I don’t really like doing things like that/confrontation.. but she pushed me to stand up for myself. 

I spent the next 2 hours making tons of phone calls trying to make sure the same thing wouldn’t happen tomorrow and also get an explanation of how the confusion of dates happened. I was getting no where but the run around. Finally I asked if I could book a c section for the next day instead of being induced so that at least an OR would be booked and I would be legit on the schedule. So then that was whole array of other phone calls trying to set that up but got us nowhere. 

Finally Jake and I decided to call a member of the Royals to let them know what was going on. I really wasn’t expecting much to happen after the phone call besides just filling them in, but he said he would make a call and see if there was anything he could do. 


Just minutes later the woman from the doctors office that I had been playing phone tag with all morning called me back and said, “I could get you in today at 4 for a c section?”

ohhhh NOW you can get me in?! ABSOFUCKINLUTELY. I’ll take it. 

She said, “When was the last time you ate?” 

I (literally) said, “Pam, I have been awake since 3.. I am eating a waffle right now.”

She said, “Oh sweetie… you can’t eat X amount of hours before a c section…. I’m gonna have to call you back”


A freaking eggo waffle was going to be the reason I didn’t get to have a baby today?!?! No chance. 

Thank god she called me back and said the doctor said it was OK and that they would see me at 2pm for check in. HALLELUJAH!!

So Jake rushed to go to throw a bullpen and I rushed to pick up the house and do unnecessary things. My friend came back to the house after she had just left to stay with the twins AGAIN. We drove there at 2 pm and I was so worried that 1) it still wasn’t going to happen or 2) everyone was going to be rude to me since I had been calling all damn morning. 

As soon we checked in I wrote my name on the sheet and I was #9. I told Jake this was a good sign because it’s my favorite number. Then we had the SWEETEST and funniest elderly volunteers check us in and they cracked us up. From there we just met the nicest workers and nurses. Seriously everyone was so sweet to us! They all were discussing how busy they were today (guess that part wasn’t a lie..) and it actually turned out to be a record day of births at that hospital. I am so grateful I was able to get in. 

The rest was smooth sailing. Normal stuff for a c section lol. Got my spinal at 4, had baby Jett at 4:21, and was up and walking by 9 pm (my biggest tip for a quick recovery is to move your body ASAP!!) He was 21.5 inches long and 8 lbs 6 oz. He was bigger than Jones was, and since they used my same c section incision, they had a bit of a struggle getting him out. But besides that everything went great! I already feel totally healed, although I know I’m not internally lol. 

For the hectic morning we had, the day ended perfectly- with a baby in our arms. I wouldn’t want change a thing honestly! My c section experience was better than first time and Jake got to be there and bring us home. Although we didn’t get to spend a night together in our home with our new baby, I am honestly just thankful for him being able to be there. 

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    You had me in tears and cussing!!!! God bless you all!!!!! 💙⚾️💙⚾️💙⚾️💙⚾️💕💕

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