How to Shop for Denim Shorts

I never thought I would shop for shorts let alone be sharing tips for shopping for shorts! This is SO strange but I have never ever liked my legs in shorts!! It’s not that I thought I was fat, but I genuinely just thought my legs looked weird in shorts. Almost like they weren’t long enough for how tall I am.. because my torso is so long… IDK!! I get it, I am a weirdo.. But this is not what this is about! lol. I have finally found the styles and sizes that help me feel my best and I want to share with you guys!

Shorts are a necessary staple item. especially if you’re living in the dessert. For many girls, shorts are all they wear during the summer! While I prefer a t-shirt dress to a pair of shorts, that hasn’t stopped me from buying shorts in preparation for the hot summer days I’ll be spending at the ballpark! So today I am sharing tips for how and where to shop for shorts!

  1. What’s your cut? Before you go buying online, you need to find your cut of jean shorts! Do you like high-waisted or low-rise? Do you like them cuffed and tight to your skin or frayed and flowy? Bermudas? So many options!! I think maybe I did not like my legs in shorts because I was wearing the wrong style. Given the size of my torso, I ONLY look good in high-rise denim! Mid rise and low-rise are just too small for me.. But maybe they look good on you! I recommend trying them on store before ordering anything online.

The cut at the bottom might be the most important part of the shorts! For me, I love a good pair of cut off shorts. HOWEVER. Not all cut off shorts are created equal! Some will be cut off but teeny tiny. Some will be cut off but skin-tight. For me, I need my frayed denim shorts to be loose and flow. I also need them to be EVEN all the way across in the cut. I do not like the sides to be cut higher because that shows too much cheek for this mama. I have also grown to love the cuffed denim like the ones pictures here. I used to think they were very “mom-ish” but uhhh, I am a mom haha. I also dig the vintage vibe!

2.Be confident! You should be confident in whatever you’re wearing. But if you’re like me, shorts may just feel kind of weird on you (or maybe that’s just me?) Anyways, you have to feel confident if you are going to wear shorts. That’s a lot of skin showing and you gotta work it. I feel A HUNDRED times better about myself when I am tan. SO if I know I am going to be wearing shorts and showing some leg, I will self tan in preparation! Here is how I self tan. This just makes me feel so much more confident. I also prefer to wear an oversized top when I am wearing shorts. Something about wearing a tight top with top shorts makes me uncomfortable (literally.. uncomfortable. I hate tight clothes!) And jean shorts aren’t THE most comfortable item of clothing as is.. they kind of dig in, especially when sitting. So make yourself CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE so you can embrace your OOTD.

3. Know where to shop! I have tried on a lot of denim at a lot of places before I found my “go-to” places. Here I have listed my fave places that I can almost always count on for good denim shorts!

Levi’s- Ugh. This should be a given right?! Well why wasn’t I shopping here all along?! Once I finally pulled the trigger on a good pair of Levi shorts my life was changed. I am wearing a pair of Levi’s here in this photo! The quality of this denim is SO good. Like the best. They are definitely worth the money! I do recommend trying these on before purchasing because Levi has a variety of material they use in their denim- some are stretchy, some are loose, some are stiff.. so all sizes can change depending on the material!

American Eagle- This is GREAT place to buy denim at an affordable price! They almost always are having a BOGO 50% off event for their denim-which is a great time to stock up! This was my go-to brand for a very long time! They have such a good variety of cuts and washes (another important factor when buying denim!) and AE makes some of my favorite distressed denim. They are so good at making this type of style.

BP- I recently found this brand at Nordstrom and I love everything about it (denim and non denim lol). It is a good price point for a solid pair of shorts. Mine have AMAZING stretch to them which is great because I hate sitting in shorts and feeling like I am going to bust at the seams. These are comfy and stylish which is WIN WIN for me!

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