How to Beat the Heat

Arizona (in my opinion) is the best place to live. Our non summer months give us the most PERFECT weather. We can go to zoo lights with out freezing our butts off. And if you’re brave enough, you could even swim year round (gets pretty cold in the winter). But those non summer months…. Yeaaaaaaah those aren’t the best time for little kids. We have been in the pool every day since moving back to Arizona. Its been good to us! Our skin is dark and our hair is light.

But some days are just plain old friggin’ hot. Not everyone has a pool. And some days I do not want to be on lifeguard duty. So we have been trying to swim before/after nap time and then we try to get out of the house an additional time. This keeps us busy and cool and makes the days go by faster.. which is what I need when I am alone with these two crazy kids! I have made a list below of some things to do in the Phoenix area for those hot, summer days!

  1. Phoenix Children’s Museum This is our favorite! We have been twice since living in Arizona and I think we will be getting a membership! We had an absolute blast the other day. You could easily spend 3 hours there or more, so I think a membership is totally worth it. Plus it is the coolest jungle gym ever.
  2. Phoenix Zoo This is our favorite thing to do! We have a membership here. You would need to wait for a less hot day if you wanted to go in the summer because it is a lot of walking. So if you go, try to go in the beginning of summer!
  3. Splash Pads These are so fun!! You can find these almost anywhere in any town in Arizona just by using Google. We like to go to the one in Mesa near our first apartment because we are familiar with the area and we know they use chlorine in that water (I’m that mom).
  4. Library/Barnes and Noble We recently did because it was recommended to us and will probably become part of our weekly routine. There are so many toys and books and play tables at Barnes and Noble, which keeps them busy and allows me to work on some stuff of my own! We enjoyed this and then ended our trip with a cookie from Starbucks. That was a huge win for us!
  5. Sprinkler We actually do this every day.. but not in a kid sprinkler.. we just run through the sprinklers that water the grass! The kids think it is hilarious!! Breaks up the monotony of a pool.
  6. Drawing/Painting For their birthdays I got them each their own artist pad with big markers. They do this at least twice a day. I limit the number of colors to 3 each so that we don’t get too crazy and lose them.
  7. Playdough We did this ALL the time in our rental house! We haven’t done it since being back because all our Playdough is in storage.. but this is usually a quick cleanup and keeps them occupied!


If all the above doesn’t do it… then snacks and a movie will do trick. Works every time for us!


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