Hospital Bag for Baby #3

Hospital Bag.. what an exciting time once you start packing this bad boy! But also such an overwhelming time. Here I am with two kids (twins.. but still) and I feel like I have never had a baby. Granted it has been four years and this time there is only one baby not two. BUT NONETHELESS… a stressful task.

I will say I feel WAY better about what is in my bag after doing my hospital tour. The leader of the tour said:

anything your baby needs is in this hospital. All you need to bring are clothes and a carseat. The rest we have. Pack what YOU need, mamas.”

Well alrighty then, bottle of wine and some maxi pads should do the trick!

Kidding. Here is my list of literally EVERYTHING going in my hospital bag. This may differ than you because I do not plan on breast feeding, so I am not packing a robe (no need for easy front access) or nursing bras or nipple cream. I am however bringing my own bottle and pacifier because I am not concerned about nipple confusion. If you ARE breast feeding, I suggest looking at Lauren McBride’s hospital bag blog post for items!

The Necessary Items

Pajamas I brought two or three pairs of pajamas- a night gown and some t-shirts/baggy shorts. I’m still not sure if I will end up having a c section, so I wanted to be prepared with extra clothes incase I have to stay multiple nights.

Black Sweat Pants Sometime you just more coverage than shorts, especially when waking around with God knows what leaking out of you lol. I walked around just a few hours after having the twins and I plan to again. It helps with your recovery. I prefer joggers over leggings because you’ll be wearing pads/diapers. I also may wear these home!

SlippersLike I said, I plan to walk around after having him. I am bringing slippers instead of non slip socks because I just am not a big sock person. Even a pair of those Old Navy sandals would be nice to walk around in and use in the shower!

Brief UnderwearIf you have had a baby before, then you know the hype for hospital underwear is real haha. Something about those mesh undies just really makes you feel comfortable! (I seriously mean that lol. No sarcasm). I wore these type of underwear once I was home with the twins. I am bringing them this time just incase I want to feel like I’m wearing something of mine own. I also do not know much about my hospital at all since we just moved back here to Arizona so incase they don’t offer the mesh undies, I have these.

Depends- This is a new one for me, but a genius idea I have seen many people share about. Instead of shoving a giant pad into your underwear, try wearing these diapers for the first few days. Keeps you feeling protected and they’re snug to hold it all in.

Going Home Outfits– As I said, I may wear the black sweat pants home. But I am planning on wearing this dress home since it will be way in the 100 degrees here in Arizona. I like the idea of a flowy dress because 1) no pants needed and 2) dresses are basically all I have worn for the past few months. I will feel like myself. For baby, I have packed 3 different outfits because I am not sure what size he will be. His clothes are so small so it’s not like they take up much room lol. We never dressed the twins until it was time to go home so I didn’t pack outfits for him to wear during the hospital stay.

Announcement Photo Prop– Maybe you’re prepared and already have a name…… however we do not lol. I ordered these tags to write whatever name we decide on for his announcement photo to share with the world. This isn’t necessary of course, but it is something I enjoy so of course I want props. I also may bring our letter board to write all his birth info on. My sister did with her recent baby and I loved the idea.

The Personal/Preffered Items

Body Wash/Lotion- I am a big scent person.. having scents that I usually use is a huge help with making me feel calm/like myself. So I am bringing my own body wash + lotion of scents that I love. Also my fave perfume is now in travel size! I doubt I will spray myself since I don’t want to irritate baby, but you can bet I’ll be sniffing it like a permanent marker.

Curling Iron- I am not quite sure how I will look when I go to the hospital, but being able to have my hair curled since I doubt I will be wearing makeup is something I hope to have done to feel good about myself. To each their own! Totally not necessary nor is it important about how you look.

Skincare Essentials- I have my whole routine packed into mini bottles. Yes, I packed my mini retinol. Eager to get my skin cleared up. I haven’t NOT washed my face at night in….. 5 years? So I will not be skipping a step in the hospital! I might even bring under eye masks because I am THAT person. I don’t know if makeup will make it into my bag.. If I have time to pack it up I will bring it!

Necessities- I have packed a new tooth brush, toothpaste, HAIR BRUSH!! (big time freak about brushing my hair), 2 different chapsticks, hair ties, bobby pins, pretty barrettes, lotion, CHARGER, and I am actually bringing my computer. I may use it once the epidural has calmed me down haha.

Bottle & Pacifier: As I said earlier, I am not breastfeeding. I know the hospital will have formula with little bottles. I will probably use those. But I am also bringing my own bottle in case I decide I want him to get used to it right away. Also bringing my own pacifiers in hopes that he loves the ones I have already bought! Also a pacifier clip… because I lose everything.

SO there you have it! Everything I am bringing. Your list may be different than mine because have different priorities and needs, but hopefully this will give you a good start!

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