Honest Review of Drunk Elephant and Tula

Hi guys! Today I want to share a 100% honest review/thoughts/comments/concerns/you name it, about two brands I am asked a lot about- Tula & Drunk Elephant. Both brands I have used. And both are very different. I think the brands are designed for different skin issues. Ok enough of the jabbering. Let me get started!

Drunk Elephant

I really can’t say enough good things about this brand. I have been using for about a year now and it still blows me away the quality of this line. There are products in this line that I totally see myself using for a long time. With that being said, there are also products that I do not/have not continue to use. I won’t necessarily dive into that because I think that is mainly personally opinion. But I will share what products I love and why.

BUT BEFORE THAT, I think the most important thing I can say in regards to this skincare line is that (from my experience and in my opinion), if you have acne prone skin/are experiencing breakouts, then I don’t think investing in this line is going to magically clear your skin. I also don’t think investing in any skincare line unless directed my a medical professional is going to clear your skin (example: medical grade skincare, products/services from your dermatologist). This line is amazing, I will attest to that. But I think that acne is an issue that needs medical attention, not just using products recommended from a blogger. The products in this line are effective and great quality but I personally do not think they were designed to cure acne (meaning ACTUAL acne, not just someone with 3 or 4 pimples)

Ok, so here are my top picks products from Drunk Elephant that I love.

LaLa Retro Whipped Cream- This is my favorite face lotion. It is thick, but not too thick. It is not oily. And it absorbs into the skin so well. I used to have skin that even after moisturizing it would still flake, especially under my makeup. Since using this it has really changed my dry skin. I even have my husband hooked on this face lotion and he loves it too. This will forever be my favorite product from this line.

Marula Oil- Another product that I realllllly love and will continue to purchase is this oil. I used to use this a lot, but I will say I recently cut back a lot because I am trying to limit my oil use to see if that helps with my pregnancy acne. This products gives such an instant, LONG lasting hydration. I love to use it at night, or right after being out in the sun all day because it replenishes the skin like no other. For being an oil, this product is not oily. It is very soothing and hydrating.

BabyFacial- Golly. Another product I just looooove to use. This one really is a good investment if you are battling skin issues! This is an intense at home facial. It works on exfoliating and resurfacing the skin. It tingles, but I like that because I can feel it working. This is a pricey product but REALLY worth the money. I feel and see such difference after I use this facial.

C Firma- This is truly an amazing vitamin c serum. I used it for a whole year and I saw good changes in my skin. I recently switched to something medical grade because of my current skin issues, but honestly the two products are identical. I think if you get one daily product from this line it has to be this! It is not sticky, its smooth. Feels very replenishing on the skin. And most importantly, I saw real changes in my skin’s brightness and pigmentation when using this!

D Bronzi- Not really a skincare product, more of a makeup product. This is my go to bronzing lotion in the summer. It is not a self tanner. It just a magical potion in a bottle that gives you the BEST glow. I mix it with my foundation or use it alone. Since I don’t use any self tanners on my face any more, this is so good to make my face match my body if my foundation is too light. Gives the best glow and color. Perfect for vacation/summer!

Tinted SPF- Another product I use daily. This tint 1) looks natural and is very light and 2) a daily SPF is such a necessary item to have in your routine. I particularly like this one because it is light weight, does it job against the sun, and I love the tint! The coverage is lightweight and really dines’t cover a whole much, but that is kind of why I love it. Doesn’t weigh down and inflame my skin.

There are a few other products I enjoy in this brand, but these are just the ones I love the most and the ones I think that universally are good for all skin types/concerns. I realize that Drunk Elephant is an expensive brand. I really like that they offer “the littles” which are mini versions of all the products so that you can try it out and see how it does with your skin. The products are all very gentle and formulated with care. If you are looking for mateinence, improvements in texture, cancelling out dry skin, then I think this whole line would do wonders for you.

Tula Review

Another very hyped up line that I am constantly being asked about. This brand kind of was a let down to me because I feel like SO many influencers/just people in general really hype it. Maybe it was just my skin type, maybe not! But one thing I want to really emphasize again with this line is that I truly do not believe that this line the “secret” to clearing out acne. I think the line is too gentle. BUT that may be exactly what you need! Personally, my skin needs something stronger to fight off hormonal breakouts. But maybe you have pretty okay skin. You’re just looking to brighten it! Then maybe this would be a good choice. It just for me, was a little bit of a let down. I do think this skincare line is a good one to get you started. Maybe you’re only using drugstore products and you’re looking to get your toes wet with using more active products. I think this would be a good place to start!

There are however a few products that I enjoy and would recommend, two of them being ones I use still!

Exfoliating mask- This really is a great mask. It has bentonite clay in it, which is the main ingredient in pulling out toxins from the skin. It has little beads in it so that when you wash off the mask it will continue to exfoliate the skin. I enjoy using this mask when I can feel how clogged my pores are and just need to exfoliate all the junk away. It is not harsh what so ever. Even as it is drying it doesn’t pull on the skin and dry it out. It is my favorite product from them!

Eye Renewal Serum- Another really good AND convenient product! This size and shape of this makes it perfect for traveling. It’s long and skinny and doesn’t take up much room. PLUS the product in it actually works really well. I currently use a different eye cream, but it is almost gone and I am excited to switch back to this one! This one has the perfect application tool built in so that you are applying the correct amount while soothing the sensitive under eye area. Very nourishing and very hydrating! I think this is a really good product for someone just starting out to use an eye cream in their young years.

Cleanser- This is a very gentle, very basic cleanser. I did use this a few times and gave it to a friend because like I said, I have very aggravated skin that requires aggressive treatments. I low key regret giving it away because I think it would have been a good cleaner to use in my morning routine! If you aren’t trying to battle acne, I think this is a good product to get you in a better skincare routine.

So there you have it! My honest review. There are other Drunk Elephant products I use occasionally, but those are the products I use a lot and ones that I feel good about recommending to you. Tula is a good skincare line for beginners in my opinion. Again, all our skin is different so I want you to use what feels best for you! Two other products that I have added to my routine that I feel have been changing my skin is ice rolling every morning and night, and using a blue/red light to fight off acne bacteria and minimize breakouts. It sounds very extra (all of it) and yes it is. But after a few weeks of using the two daily, I am seeing good results!

Ice rolling is a must. It depuffs the skin, wakes it up in the morning, and it really reduces the swelling/inflammation around current breakouts! That is why I use it mainly. It is a cheap product that I truly feel all you skin loving fanatics need!

The light treatment is more advanced. Not everyone needs this I admit. But being pregnant you can really only do so much to the skin that is considered safe. Many products and treatments that are off limits are the ones that actually work. I bought my light treatment from my facial lady here in PHX because she uses a much larger light treatment on me to kill the acne causing bacteria in the skin. I wanted to be able to do this nightly at home to help prevent more cystic acne from developing. It takes about 4 weeks to see results and I have been doing it for maybe 7 now. I do it every night before bed for about 15 minutes. It has truly made a difference in the inflammation, redness, and amount of breakouts I get. This is a good investment I promise!

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