Half Marathon Training

Happy Friday! It has been a couple of weeks since I shared some Fitness Friday inspo because we’ve had some busy Fridays. Today I am sharing my routine that I am following for this half marathon that I plan to run end of April! I have gotten a lot of requests on sharing how to train. So keep reading if you’re interested!

I never have been a runner to tell the truth. Never been very good at it either lol. But I honestly don’t HATE it like the majority of the world does. I personally always feel my BEST when I can run a few solid miles. That is just what makes me feel the healthiest. No amount of squats or bicep curls can give me the accomplished feeling I get when I finish a run. Still doesn’t make it easy though.

I decided to run this marathon because I wanted a new goal/challenge this year. I have NEVER even ran a 5K! So I decided to go big with this one! I started running the beginning of this year and I was really enjoying it and feeling better about myself. So one day I just decided, “Well I am already running 3 miles… might as well add 10 more!!” I rethink that decision every time I start my runs lol. But I just think about how accomplished I will feel after and that is what gets me through!

Below is the routine I am following. This is a combination of something a friend of mine (who is also running) gave me and what I think will work for me! I personally have decided to do NO leg workouts during this training. I have pretty bad knees that always have hurt when I lift. And since running.. they are REALLY hurting already. So for me, I have decided to not give them any extra stress. I also am focusing a lot on my core because your core holds so much energy when you’re running. It stabilizes your whole body and I need that! So running and core are my main focuses with a few arm workouts since they also play a big role if form.

I will continue to share more as I learn more! This is definitely a learning curve for me, but I think I will really enjoy this in the end!

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