From Ballpark to Beers

Yesterday was a fun filled day! We left in the morning with Jake to head to Surprise because he was pitching. Before the game there was a player’s wives get together thingy. It was really nice to meet the other women and let all the kids play together. Jake also had a killer outing and did so well! It was quick too- which is just how I prefer my baseball 😉 I was wearing a dress that I recently got from Target… shocker, right? I love this dress because 1) I love denim and 2) I love a good, flowey dress. This dress was great for the game because I was chasing the twins non. stop. and I never had to worry about bending down in it. It is also super casual for a dress, which I love!

Shop this dress here from Target!

I had a friend in town who went to Jake’s game and then she came back to our house with us. We took her out to eat to one of our favorite places to eat in Scottsdale, Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers. Funny story.. we always complain because this restaurant is kind of a far drive (not far.. just no good way to get there without hitting a million red lights) and as I was looking us the website for that link up there… I realized there are two other locations near by :,) what the heck?!?!

Anyways for dinner I wore some jeans from that I got from that local, inexpensive store called Q. I personally enjoy buying cheap jeans because I rarely wear them anyways! This top is from Old Navy and my shoes are from the local store Divaz. It was a very very affordable outfit and still super cute. My fav combo 😉 Plus very comfortable. What more do ya need?!

Here are some links for similar tops/bottoms for the above look!

TOP: off the shoulder  JEANS: distressed jeans  SHOES: brown wedges

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