First Fitness Friday!! Ft. Treadmill Workouts

Happy Happy New Year!! (when should I stop saying that?? lol). I hope all your resolutions are going strong! Especially your health ones! If not, no worries. We have like 340+ days to get it right. But the sooner the better!

I am starting a new series in my blog where every Friday I will share fitness/health tips. This will be anything from workout gear, to workout videos, to recipes.. a wide variety of Fitness Friday tips will be coming your way!

Today I wanted to focus my post on some new running workouts I have been doing since Christmas. I received an Apple Watch for Christmas from my in-laws and it has been everything I ever imagined! It seriously is the biggest motivation for me!! I love being able to see my calories burned and also my heart rate. It pushes me to run longer and harder.

Let me just start by saying that I personally feel that cardio really gets a bad rep these days. It used to be weight lifting made you manly but now girls are almost afraid to get on a treadmill because they will be perceived as a cardio bunny or think all those gains will wither away.. nope. I promise it is GOOD for you! For me, I feel the best when I am in good running shape. I am not saying I love to run. I definitely don’t hop on the treadmill and run 6 miles.. but I do run a few miles and YES it is HARD, but I feel great after! And these are some awesome treadmill runs that will get your heart pumping, forehead sweating, and your legs trembling!

I have been very into interval runs for a while now! I am trying to run a mile a day if I make it to the gym, but I almost always do more! Usually aiming for 30 minutes, but some days I will settle for a mile. Using these different treadmill workouts has helped me change my cardio game tremendously! I just save the images on my phone (usually found on Pinterest!) and then pull them up while I am running! Changing the speed and incline helps me to make 30 minutes feel like 10 minutes. Give these workouts a try next time you need some cardio!

If following a plan like this is too overwhelming, just try doing a “walk-jog-run”! Do this outside or even a basketball court. This will increase your heart rate and burn fat! Or if you not quite a runner, still push yourself with some serious incline and intervals between 3-5mph. I hope you guys enjoy these!! (My fave is the “3 miles in 30 minutes”)

Both my Pants + Bra are Lululemon! LOVE these pants!! They are the Create Your Calm Pants!

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