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Hi friends! Welcome back to the blog. If you’re anything like me, or anything like a normal person, then you love nice things but hate spending the money on them. Well luckily in the fashion world there are so many products being released that sometimes some similar, more affordable, items hit the market. Which is a good thing for us because then we save extra money! My motto has always been, “I would rather have more for less” meaning… I would rather have a ton of items for a lower price, even if it jeopardizes quality, than having less things for more money. Just my opinion! Well anyway today I am sharing some of my personal favorite fashion dupes! I hope you enjoy!


Hermès Sandal Dupe

This sandal is all the rage right now, and rightfully so! It is an adorable and simple style that is perfect for all summer outfits. Most of which you’re seeing is a dupe for the original Hermès sandal that none of us would ever spend that type of money on haha. Steve Madden, thank the stars, has made basically an identical shoe for a MUCH better price. You can rely on this shoe to hold up as well because all my other Steve Madden purchases have been a HUGE hit. If you’re lucky, Forever21 also has a dupe for this but with very limited sizing left!


Bamboo Bag

So pretty to look at.. but is it really functional? That is the only reason I haven’t bought one of these silly bags yet! (well that and the fact my husband might murder me if I bring home another purse lol). I think these are SO freaking cute for summer. It is definitely a statement bag. Not something you are going to be bringing everywhere because it just isn’t that functional. Here are some at a lower price that won’t kill your bank!

Here is also a very affordable one on Amazon! Think I am getting this one!

Gucci Loafers

I own these! Not the original Gucci ones… but these Target dupes do just fine 😉 I get compliments on them a lot and I am often asked if they are Gucci. NOPE! Target for the win! These are a perfect way to dress up some jeans but still remain comfy.


Chloé Backpack

I will get a real one of these some day.. mark my words. But this Forever21 dupe will fool the average person for now! I am obsessed with this backpack. It is the best backpack for summer and looks very similar to the original Chloé backpack. It is a small size but perfect for on the go occasions. It has fooled quite a few people into thinking I actually dropped XX amount of money on a backpack haha.

Valentino Studded Stiletto

Girl…. I want these SO bad. Even the dupes I want!! Only reason I haven’t bought them is because it is such a statement shoe and I feel like I need a reason to buy them! They are so pretty but also edgy. Plz, come to mama.

 Sam Edelman Mule

EEK! Probably my favorite shoe I own at the moment! I got very lucky and got mine on clearance. But Target has blessed us with yet another dupe of this amazing Sam Edelman shoe for a much more affordable price! I wear this shoe so much. It is so open and breathable during this summer heat and so so beautiful. I am always getting compliments on them!


Criss Cross Ring

I see a lot of other bloggers share this ring. Whether theirs is real or not, I can assure you mine is the Target one and it is just as pretty! LOL. I lose jewelry like no other..don’t even get me started on my wedding ring.. so I will always go for a dupe when it comes to jewelry!


Céline Sunglasses

These are a classic pair of sunnies. They are bold, but they aren’t over the top bold. Very chic and classy with the thick frame. And thankful for you, there is a look-alike pair so that you aren’t spending too much on sunnies! They are so similar!


Some other tips for looking for dupes is to always look at boutiques for a very similar version! I love boutiques because they have a more affordable price but with a designer look. I love shopping and UOIonline for dupes, especially the footwear! I also look at Nordstrom all the time..literally every morning. And I stalk the sale page! I always look at the recently added items so I can score a nice sale item for a good price! Last tip- Amazon has A LOT of dupes. It is amazing what you can find on there! Let me know if you have any fun dupes!


Bree Marie

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