DIY Fitness Plan

Hi y’all! As we all know, I’ve focusing on my health a lot lately; physically and mentally. It has been going great and I truly feel my best! My muscles aren’t the biggest, my mile time isn’t the fastest, but I feel greatest physically and mentally. I am so pleased when I look in the mirror everyday with how healthy my body appears and I am at ease knowing that I am getting a more clear mindset each and every day.

I wanted to share my routine with everyone and offer some tips to get people into their own fitness routine without over doing it. I personally have been staying clear of the gym and doing workouts at home just because it works best for our current schedule. We are so out of a normal routine so I am trying to keep life simple right now. It is also so so so important to focus on your mentality so I will end my post with some tips for that.

Now of course every person is different with his or her capabilities, desires, goals, etc. For me, I want to feel and look healthy. I do not give a crap whether my muscles are huge anymore, but if you do, GOOD FOR YOU GIRLFRIEND!! I am just focused on feeling my absolute best. For me, that means getting a solid, sweaty workout in about 3 times a week. I do high intensity workouts during these times. I sweat so much. I feel good when I am sweating! I am so glad that the feeling of needing to be in the gym 6 days a week has finally left my mindset. I now just do what I can with what I have and focus my energy more to my children and my marriage.

I dedicate a workout to lower body, one to arms + abs, and one to total body. This is the Kayla Bikini Body Guide method, but even before I started her program I always did my circuits this way. I used to go in between circuit days and lift heavier weights. I now do yoga on my off days or just meditation to get my mind in a clear, happy place.

Try to do a high intensity workout for roughly 25-40 minutes. 40 minutes sounds so long, but when you are doing the right things, it flies by! I have listed below my favorite workouts for each circuit. All you need to do is pick 3 workouts from each list and do 15-20 of those. Repeat the circuits 3 times:


Jump squats
Split lunge jumps
Side lunges
Pulse squats
Box jumps
Wide legged jump squats w/ box
Single leg squats


More pull-ups
Mountain climbers
Bosu ball push-ups
Ball slams
Tricep Dips
Air punches w/ weights
Lots of pull-ups


Lemon squeezer
Reverse crunches
Lower leg lifts
Bicycle crunches
Russian twists
TRX Bands
Side bends

Those are all my favorites. Whenever I am blanking on what to do, I just always resort back to these. Of course there are more to do, so do what feels best to you! I prefer a lot of jumping to get a solid burn in my legs. Remember to go really hard since you’re only working out for a short period of time. And do not forget to stretch!!!

As for mentality, life is all about how you feel. If you feel happy, others are going to get that vibe and feel it too. If you’re overwhelmed and stressed, others will catch on and you will probably end up stressing them out too! I have been all about trying to remain calm… which is basically impossible when raising twin toddlers alone am I right?!

To help me unwind, I have been doing a lot of yoga and relaxing. Even if it is just a few quiet moments during nap time to reflect on my morning. I try to always be a better mother than I was the day before. Hard to do, but it has really been helping me with my patience and outlook. I don’t want to be so short fused with my kids, so taking time to myself to do things I enjoy is helping me through the day.

I also try to be positive and see the good in every situation. Sure, my kids might walk slower than snails when I am trying to leave the house on time… but someday they will be driving themselves out of my driveway.. I just want to soak in every. single. moment. with them. They deserve my undivided attention and a happy momma. That is my biggest motivation right now for my new journey. All that I’m after is a new perspective. One that I can see the good in every situation and live a simple life with my family. Easy as that.

So workout when you can, eat energizing foods, drink some damn tea or espresso or soda for all that I care. Just do what makes you happy in the simplest way possible!

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