Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper bag packing can be yet another overwhelming task of motherhood. Jake’s grandma once told me that the diaper bag should always be packed and ready to go. That way you are always prepared if something comes up and you need to leave ASAP. For that reason I have always kept my diaper bags fully stocked! There is always a bottle in there and always formula. And then of course lots of other necessities which I am going to share today!

One of my tips is that whenever you get home and need to unpack the diaper bag- for example get out the dirty bottles or any clothes/binkies that got dirty, just restock those items right then and there! Add more diapers, check your wipes, restock the formula… even if you aren’t going anywhere for a few days. Something may come up and you may need to leave asap!

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