Colorado Springs- Garden of the Gods

WOOOOHOOOO! We are finally all moved out (thank God) and we have arrived safely in Colorado Springs, CO for Jake’s first game of the season! LOL It was actually so cold that we skipped the first game! Tonight Jake is pitching so we will be there- snow pants and all.

I drove from Arizona to Colorado through the night with the help a friend (thanks again Sidney!) so we arrived around 9 AM this morning. Felt good to see the kids with Jake again! After we all got breakfast we decided to head over to Garden of the Gods, which is really close to the hotel we are staying at! Once I knew Jake was going to be playing Colorado I instantly wanted to join so that I could explore! I’ve had some different “tourist-y” things to do in Colorado Springs pinned to my Travel board on Pinterest since I knew I was coming. One of the most popular things I was reading was to walk around in Garden of the Gods and just take in all beautiful surroundings.

I am so glad we did this! I was completely exhausted after the drive so I was ready to just take a nap with the kids.. but instead we all powered through and decided to go. It was a great idea because it wore the twins o u t. They took almost a 4 hour nap after and we were only there about an hour! All we did was walk around just a small fraction of the park. We had to stop and pet every single dog and walk through every puddle of melted snow. (YES… snow.. it wasn’t bad though!) They also loved to look around at the mountains and rock and point. Something that I am really looking forward to this season is being able to get my kids outside to play and run around. At home in Arizona we could only play outside at the park because our backyard was landscaped rocks and a pool. But in the Midwest we will be able to play in the backyard and go on cool adventures like we did today while visiting Daddy!

Enjoy the pictures! Outfit details at the end of post.


Long sleeve shirt: Lululemon // Vest: GAP // Pants: VS Sports // Boots: Steve Madden

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