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I remember just a few short months ago when I was begging for the twins to sit still and watch a movie. They were only interested for roughly 2 minutes and then they would be back to bickering or needing constant entertainment. This was exhausting for me since there was two of them and one of me. But now they are movie fanatics. First thing we do when we wake up is a turn on a movie. Nap time? Movie. Dinner? Another movie. Bed time? Same exact movie every night for the past two months (Hotel Transylvania 2).

I love that they love movies! But I sometimes feel like we are having too much screen time. So to break up the monotony of watching the same 3 movies all day, I decided to have a little craft time! I remember growing up I was always crafting. If I wasn’t outside (or eating cereal) I was drawing or painting. I think crafts are such an important part of fundamental development for kids. Plus, it is always fun to do something new with them. I am hoping to start doing crafts like this once a week, something different and fun to get them messy and let their creative sides show!

This last week we did some painting! I saw these wooden Halloween decorations at Target for $3 each. And since I already had paint and brushes at home, I didn’t have to buy any. Although… we barely used the brushes because who needs brushes when you have fingers right? However, I will buy new paint next time so that I have more vibrant colors.

We chose to do this craft outside because.. well… obvious reasons. Just take a look at the photos below. Could you have imagined this happening in my all white kitchen? No chance. I decided to lay down a cardboard box to keep paint off the bricks just because I’m one of those people. In the future I will certainly use a shower curtain because that’s what my mom did. We just had a ton of leftover boxes from my recent purchases 🙂

The kids had so much fun during this craft. I refrained from helping so that they could paint however they wanted. jones knew exactly what to do and dove right in. Penelope was more interested in mixing the colors and painting her belly. Well actually both of them lost interest in their actual craft after about 10 minutes and started to paint the cardboard/each other instead. They thoroughly enjoyed making themselves messy! I think I could just put down a giant box and they would paint it for hours!

We did this craft for about 45 minutes because our sprinkler system abruptly went off. So we ended the craft by running through the sprinklers to clean up! The crafts themselves are not finished, but I still find them adorable and plan to keep them outside on our patio for decoration. I would love to hear about your experience with toddler crafts and hear some recommendations for our next project!

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