Chemical Peel- Fading Acne Scars

Hi ladies! Now that I am all healed from my second chemical peel, I want to share all the details about it. I know A LOT of you want to know more about my skincare routine and how have been healING (it is not fully healed, but it is getting better)my acne breakouts. BUT, in all honesty, I just am not that comfortable sharing all the products I use(d).

The main reason for this is because quality skincare products are expensive. And every skin is different.. So I don’t want to sit here and rave about items that have helped me and then you feel the need to go splurge on them, only to be disappointed. Skincare is a touchy subject so I won’t push any products on you for now, but in a separate post I will share skincare TIPS. Hows that for a compromise?!

OK back to the chemical peel process! Gosh this has been such a transformative process for me. I got my first chemical peel almost 3 months ago. I was nervous, but I always knew I wanted to at least try one. A chemical peel is basically what the names insinuates a mix of chemicals on your face that cause the first layers of skin to dry up and peel off. It then reveals the new skin underneath that is baby soft, smooth, and radiant.

Chemical peels are used to reduce fine lines, acne scaring (hyper pigmentation), sun spots, and pore size. All peels are different levels of strength. I was getting one of the strongest peels called The Perfect Peel from my aesthetician at Plaza Wellness and Spa. I wanted the peels done for my scars. Majority of my acne was cleared up, but I had very deep red marks left behind that I wanted lightened. And I am very happy with my results and plan to do more!


The appointment itself took about 25 minutes. It is a very quick process. They first wipe down the skin to cleanse it and then the first layer is applied. It just a chemical (smells like acetone) on a wipe and they apply it to the entire face, avoiding eyes and lips. You wait just a couple of minutes and then apply another layer. This continues a few more times. My first time there was no discomfort or burning. The second time, however, I did experience some tingling. Probably because my skin was softer and “newer” than the first time. But it was bearable. And that was it! Appointment done.

After leaving the appointment your face will remain red/orangeish for the next two days until you begin to peel. That’s because the chemicals are left on your face and rinsed off. You are allowed to wash your face the next day and apply a cortisone cream to your face. The color honestly did not bother me. Kind of gave me a glowey hue to be honest lol.

During day 3 you will begin to peel/flake. Around the mouth is the first part to usually peel because your mouth is constantly moving and breaking the skin. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PEEL THE SKIN. Peeling the skin could rush the process and actually leave you with MORE hyper pigmentation. You are supposed to let it happen naturally. You can (brace yourself) clip the skin flakes with scissors so they aren’t just sitting there.

The peeling process lasts about 3 days. Sometimes longer for others. You can wear makeup if you want, but I would prefer not to. You also CANNOT be in the sun without sunscreen. This is very important. The new skin is so… new… that it needs to be protected! Excessive sweating is also not recommended. The skin that you are left with after is SO amazing. Like I cannot describe how soft my face felt. When I would apply my products it was like my skin was soaking it up immediately instead of sitting on the surface of my skin. I could use less products too which is a money saver!

This is not a “cure all” or “quick fix” for your breakouts. Active pimples aren’t going to change much. But dried up pimples or ones that are gone but left a stubborn red mark.. this is great for! Also, discoloration from sun damage or those pregnancy hyperpigmentation marks are great cause for a chemical peel. One treatment is rarely enough, however. It is recommended 3 treatments is the perfect number to the skin a fresh start, but every one is different. I would love to get another one! Especially because after my second one I traveled and ate bad and that always causes my skin to freakout so now I have more marks on my face.

I feel like chemical peels + my solid skincare routine and also avoiding dairy/sugar when I can have really helped to improve my skin. The photo above is my progress over the past 5/6 months. I know I will never have a flawless face without a single pimple, but my self esteem has improved SO much. Just look at the improvements since doing the chemical peels!! The pimples used to be embarrassing and so painful.. I cannot believe the changes in my skin since then. I plan to do one more and then hopefully just once a year for maintenance reasons.

Do your research and see if a chemical peel is what your skin is needing!! I love researching skincare and honestly it’s not for everybody. But maybe it will help you! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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