Change of Plans!!

WELL, those Vegas plans went out the window real quick guys, but all for a good reason! Jake got called back up to big leagues today so now I am off to Tampa to join him! I swear Southwest hates me.. I am constantly changing and canceling my flights that their system can barely keep up! Thankfully they have a great policy that allows you to change or cancel a flight without charging you crazy flat fees. Southwest is easily my favorite company.

So I know nothing will be able to top the story of us leaving our dinner the last time he was called up.. but I still think this story is one for books ( whatever).

Jake was supposed to pitch on Sunday for the AAA team, but last-minute they told him that he would not be starting because there was a possibility that he would be starting in a game on Tuesday. Well that was nerve-racking enough. The possibility of a start was keeping us on edge, but come Monday morning, Jake just had a feeling that he would not be getting called up. So we kept our Vegas plans.

They still didn’t really give him an answer of when he would be throwing. PAUSE- see how complicated it is to plan trips with this lifestyle?! It’s like every time I plan a trip… I have to cancel it lol. But all for good reasons!

Anyways, Jake was hoping to know for sure when he would be pitching by Monday night. He was assuming it would be for the AAA team on the upcoming game. Well JK we thought wrong. Monday night when I was eating dinner at my dads (always interrupting dinner time.. c’mon now Royals..) I got a call from Jake.

If you know Jake, you know he doesn’t really call people lol. I always know when he calls me during the time he’s at the field/after a game he has some kind of big news. Well he definitely had news! But it was super confusing news.

He literally said, “OK well I have news, but it doesn’t really help anything” Imagine that.. haha. He told me that he would be flying to Tampa where the big league teams was as a “precautionary move” meaning he wasn’t officially called up… but needed to be there because a pitcher in the bullpen was recently injured and they didn’t know how bad it was.

I was like, “so uh… I keep the flight for Vegas orrrrr come to Tampa?” He still felt like he wouldn’t put on the roster so he told me to keep my Vegas plans and he would meet me there on Wednesday. I was just rolling with it at this point and listened to him and his gut.

We kept talking about it all Monday night, wondering when he would know for sure. I can definitely say that the most annoying and stressful part about baseball is how last-minute everything is for the players. It’s not their fault, nor the front office people, it’s just simply the nature of the game. So Jake flew all through the night to get from Salt Lake City to Tampa. We were keeping it on the DL because we still didn’t think he would be put on the roster and we would end up in Vegas together.

This morning (Tuesday) he still had not heard anything. I was laying in bed and had just checked into my 5:30 AM Vegas flight just in case for Wednesday morning. I called Jake while I was laying there to see if he had heard anything. Nope. Still said to keep my Vegas plans… I told him this is what’s going to happen, “I am going to get up, make breakfast, get the kids to day care, get to the gym, and then you’re going to call me and tell me to come to Tampa and I won’t be prepared at all.” 

Despite that gut feeling, I still went to the gym. I had a very busy afternoon planned before going to Vegas so I wouldn’t have had time for the gym later. So I chugged my pre workout. Stepped on the treadmill and pressed start and WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED?!

Yes. He told me to come to Tampa. Literally texted me the MOMENT I pressed start.

No freaking way. I hadn’t washed my hair in like 6 days. I hadn’t bought a flight. I hadn’t even packed! To make matters worse my whole body was tingling and itching from the pre workout that I never got to sweat out. I didn’t even feel excited.. I felt rushed! (OK now that I am safely on the plane going to see my man back in a Royals uniform in about two hours I am beyond excited!)

The moments after that phone call were absolutely the busiest and most stressful moments of my life. I had ONE HOUR to do the following:

  • shower (this was priority #1)
  • pack
  • cancel Vegas flight
  • book Tampa flight
  • find someone to watch the kids
  • get the kids ready to go
  • get myself ready (this actually never happened until I got to the airport. Continue reading below)

As you can imagine it was very rushed. The kids were crying just about the entire hour because 1) I didn’t let them in the shower with me and they were pissed and 2) I didn’t even have time to pack their bags so they were mad they didn’t to use their suitcases. Total meltdown city. But it all worked out!!

I accomplished everything (thank you pre workout ) besides the getting ready part.. which I had to do in the middle of the airport.Talk about drawing in a crowd.. lol. People could not stop staring at me. But I had no choice! I land at 7:05 and guess what time the game starts…. YOU GUESSED IT!! 7:05 :,) I was LOLing at myself because I looked ridiculous. I snapped a few embarrassing photos below for your enjoyment. I just felt obligated to snap a few photos while using the laptop camera lol.

Again, nothing in baseball is permanent so who knows how long we will be back here. We are not looking ahead too much.. I actually don’t even have a flight home yet because I don’t even know where I am going! As for now, Vegas is on the back burner, which is perfectly fine by me. I don’t care where we are, as long as get to see my husband! Plus it still workout perfectly to enjoy a few days alone together.

Plans are always changing for us… but it somehow always works out in the end and I couldn’t be any more thankful for this life! We are hoping for a speedy recovery for the other teammate who is injured and we are just beyond blessed for this opportunity for Jake to grow as a player. I can’t wait to share more with you guys!

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    Live ……laugh…………love it!!!!!

  • Reply Kathy and Jay Clark May 10, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    That’s so AWSOME, we are so excited for you guys🎉🎉🎉

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