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This blog post is sponsored by Pet Naturals®, however all opinions and reviews are of my own 🙂

The most wonderful time of the year? Or the most hectic time of the year? I vote both! We try to go back to our hometowns once during the holiday season, and then we usually host the opposite holiday. Because let me tell you.. Flying as a family 6 (yes, we count the dog as a family member) can be a very difficult and daunting task. 

Traveling can be overwhelming for our precious pooch (& myself.. But that’s a whole other blog post lol). We typically fly with her because we have her registered as an emotional support animal, but lately since we added the baby to the family we have been choosing to leave her with a dog sitter more often. We found that is easier on us and her because she isn’t off her routine or cramped in an airplane. Lately we have been using Pet Naturals® of Vermont Calming® supplements to keep her calm when traveling or when we chose to leave her. Because trust me, dogs are insanely smart. As soon as she sees a suitcase come out of the closet she starts to get anxious! I can’t even imagine what she starts when she sees us packing, but I would imagine something like this.. “What r dose hoomans doing? Where could we possibly be going now? Ruuhh roohh… hope I catch the invite too!!”

The Calming supplements are so convenient. Just a small little chew that we trick her into thinking is a treat. She typically downs it right away and we can notice a difference in how she handles the stress. I used to give her benadryl before we flew, but now I use these chews because they’re made with all natural ingredients and I feel so much better about it! Doesn’t seem like I’m drugging her haha.

It is the perfect time of the year to start using these because the holidays have us  bussssssy. Lots of traveling, lots of packages & people coming to the door, lots of friends/parties we are hosting! Plus we have a baby in the house now! I can’t be stressing about Lady’s stress when I am full of my own stress, right?

We still don’t trust her alone to roam the house after she chewed our leather chairs..BUT I am hoping with these we can start to make an easier transition to leaving her out of her crate while we are gone. That way she isn’t anxious when we leave and she won’t destroy the house (hopefully). These chews are perfect to help with that transition. They are super affordable and available for purchase at Walmart! Be sure to check online or pick up instore!

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