Beauty Picks of 2018

2018 has come and gone, but I will be bringing a lot of those beauty products into 2019 with me! I scored some major items this past year that I totally fell in love with. Here I am sharing a bunch of my favorites that I recommend and why! You can click the photos below to shop or use the bold titles!

Hourglass foundation

The holy grail of foundation. I get compliments on this EVERY time I wear this! Especially people who know me and know that I have bad acne breakouts on my cheeks. They always ask me, “What did you use to cover up your breakouts?! I couldn’t even tell with the makeup on!” This is a full coverage foundation but it is SO light weight. It is my absolute go to. Covers all flaws and doesn’t feel heavy. It also stay very well. I use a beauty blender or thick brush to apply it!

Too Faced Hangover Primer + Setting Spray

This is the dynamic duo for getting your makeup to stay put and last all day (especially during those hot, lengthy baseball games!) The primer is perfect for those with dry skin. It feels like a lotion and is very moisturizing. It helps to prevent your makeup from getting dry patches. It also is silicon free, which is great for your skin! The setting spray is also fabulous because it really sets the makeup without anything melting down (from the spray itself). This is definitely my go to setting spray!

NARS Blush

I have tended to stick to just one blush color. But I decided to cave and add this color and I am so glad I did! It is the perfect subtle shade. It also has very minimal glitter in it, which I think makes the shade look even better on the skin. It has warm undertones that really brighten the face!

Urban Decay Naked Palette 

I do not wear eye shadow every day, but this is the palette I use whenever I do use shadows! The colors are perfect, but the size is my favorite thing! It is the perfect size for traveling and the shade range allows for multiple looks to be created! I personally love the top row because of the pale purples, which I know sounds weird. But purple shadow really makes green eyes pop! And these purples are very very subtle, with lots of grey tones. I highly recommend this palette!

Drunk Elephant D Bronzi

Wooooweeee! So glad I bought this product during the summer! It gives your skin the absolute PRETTIEST glow! It is so warm and shiny- but not oily! In such a good way. I have not been using it much lately because I think the finish is definitely more of a summer look. I use it instead of foundation on hot days, especially on vacation when I want a sun kissed look!

Moroccan Hair Oil

The saving grace of hair products. I can’t believe I waited so long to as this to my routine. I should have been using it even before I got extensions! I use the light version since I have blonde hair, but they also have a regular version which is for brunette/dark hair. I apply this oil to my ponytail every single night! No, my hair doesn’t get oily!  I put my hair in a low pony to sleep at night because buns are bad and cause breakage. I then apply this to my ponytail region to keep my hair smooth and strong. I swear it allows me to go longer without washing my hair!

AMIKA Texture Spray

BIG FAN. Big fan. I do not use hair spray unless I absolutely need to. I personally think hairspray knots my hair and causes more breakage. I feel like I have to wash my hair right away when I use hair spray. So instead, I use a texture spray. This one is great to give your hair that texture like you just left the beach! It is so so pretty. I love it because it does not tangle your hair or matte it down.

Tom Ford Perfume

LORDDDDD. I own quite a few perfumes.. some very expensive ones at that. But this is my FAV smell! It is definitely more of a summer smell- tropical, coconut, beauty smell. God I love it. The smell just brings me so many good vacation memories! Please give this a try this upcoming spring/summer!

Tatcha Sheet Mask

The absolute best sheet mask that will ever touch your skin. The quality of the mask itself is so good. It is absolutely worth the money. This mask is designed for hydrating and it 100% does that. Your skin will be very glowy after and so freaking soft. No other sheet mask will ever compare!

Becca Hydramist Setting Powder

Where my dry skin girls at?! This product is for YOU!! We all see people setting their foundation and achieving that flawless skin. It is a lot harder when you have dry skin because the powder causes you to crease and get flakey. This powder LITERALLY feels like water when it touches your skin! I do not understand how they do it lol. It is literally moist and it feels like it would wipe off your makeup, but it does the complete opposite. The perfect setting powder!

Lancome Mascara

I have been very very very loyal to one mascara up until I received this one in my Ipsy bag! I decided what the heck.. I’ll give it a shot.. SO GLAD I DID! My problem isn’t with length or volume. My eyelash issue is that mascara is constantly smearing and rubbing under my eyes because my eyes are so small. This stuff is MAGIC! It does not transfer to any other part of your skin and it gives your lashes a good definition while doing so. Definitely bought this full size!

MAC Lipsticks

I expanded my lipstick collection a lot this last year. But two colors definitely stuck out and are worn religiously! Creme Cup– the PERFECT pink shade. It looks so oink and girly but when it hits the lips.. yes still girly lol but it is the perfect shade of pink! I get compliments all the time! It is very shiny and flattering on all skin tones (I forced my friends to try it haha). My other shade is Honey Love because for my skin tone, it is the best nude lip for me! Really good for me when I am pale because it is just a few shades warmer than my skin and looks stunning as a nude lip.

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