Baby Necessities (so far)

Jett has been around for three weeks now and I just can’t really wrap my head around that! It is going quick and I truly am enjoying every moment. He is such a good baby. We have been so lucky to have lots of visitors so that I have helping hands with all 3 kids. We also have an amazing nanny. There are so many products that I have been using that have been absolute game changers in making life easier for me as a mom of 3. I am not saying you have to have these items to make life with a newborn easy (ok but some of them you DO need), but they have been so helpful for me so I wanted to share with you all! Discussing just a few I really love, and then everything is linked below!

Ok I REALLY did not want this. We had the older version with the twins and was good and all, but I just felt like we always had issues with it not working or making watered down bottles. Jake really wanted to get another one and I kept saying it was an unnecessary item (especially because I hate things on my counters…) but after like 2 days of scooping formula and measuring water, I was ready to buy one lol. This is new version and it tells you when you need clean the funnel so that watery bottles don’t happen. Its also a smaller design and takes up less space. I really LOVE this item and am so glad I got it!

This is so convenient. A friend recommended this to me and I am so glad I got it. With the twins I just used a changing insert, which was fine. But then I still had to grab diapers/wipes separate which was annoying when I was flying. Now If I am in a restaurant or somewhere in public, I can just reach into the diaper bag and grab this whole thing that has diapers, wipes, the changing pad, and room for other items (creams, clothes, etc) so I don’t have to take the whole bag. I love the design and how you can wipe it clean!

While we are on the topic of changing pads, I am so happy I bought these. $10 for a pack of 3. I have one in the living room to lay down incase there is a blow out and I keep another on top of our changing pad in our room. I love it because when things get messy this keeps any of the mess off of the actual changing pad cover. I hated having to strip that thing down and constantly wash it with the twins. I haven’t even had to wash our changing pad cover yet because this gets any of the mess on it instead! It also wipes down so easily.

I love this. Maybe because it puts me to sleep? lol. Jett isn’t the biggest fan of his carseat still. He usually has a big meltdown as soon as he gets in the seat. I use this to calm him down until we get going in the car. I also use it when he is extra fussy and when I am getting him down for the night. It helps sooth his restlessness. I see A LOT of baseball moms using this at games/when traveling and I am certain we will use it during those times too!

Worth every penny. I got this when Owlet was doing a sale but I would 100% buy it full price too. It gives me the best piece of mind. Especially because I have two other kids.. I can’t always be around Jett when he naps in my room, and eventually when he is in his own room. When I know he going to nap away from me I put this on him. It will alert me if his heart rate or oxygen level drop. We also have the Owlet baby monitor that I am enjoying so far too.

Here are a few other things I am loving!

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