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Like most women my age, athleisure is the go to style these days. Even for those of us who aren’t coming straight from the gym. We’re just trying to be comfortable and have a weeeeee bit of style while doing so! I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say I hope athleisure never goes out of style. EVERRRR. Sure, there are a lot of cute statement pieces in my closet waiting to make their debut… but I am just trying to be comfortable, especially as a mom on the go!

I like to make sure my athleisure piece are functional, because most days I am coming from the gym and running to the store + lunch + other endless errands. (Or at least that’s what I want people to think) This style is so easy. As easy as wearing leggings (we all own these, right?) a tank/tee, and then layering with a jacket or something tied around the waist to break it up. Sneakers + ball cap just complete the look! Below I have my favorite store listed out for athleisure wear shopping, as well as products that I love below that! Where do you like shopping for athleisure pieces?




Old Navy




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