At Home AB Workout!

Happy Friday! For this week’s fitness post, I am sharing an easy but brutal at home ab workout! You guys have been requesting workout videos, especially ones you can do at home. So here is my first one! I am so excited to share this!

Disclaimer- no, I do not have a six pack. But I have birthed two very large babies and managed to be thinner than I was before I had them.. so something tells me I kind of  know what I am doing in the gym 😉 Abs are a part of my body that have never been extremely defined. Probably because I do them once and then don’t ever do them again until months later lol. But that is going to change for the BOTH of us! So let’s just get right to it!

You do not need a gym, weights, or really anything to do these exercises. I like a little added weight for some movements, but again- not necessary. Below is the video for this at home circuit. And at the end of this post, I have an image of the workouts listed. I recommend screenshotting it or downloading it so that you always have it!


Please feel free to give me feed back or what you guys want to see next! Or just tell me to quit if you aren’t interested. It’s whatever haha. But until then… let’s get some abs ladies 😉

Leggings are Lululemon. Sports bra is

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