Hat Tricks


Hi there! Hope your week is going by quick! Our has been zooming by. We have friends in town so we have been very busy and also doing things around the house so I have been MIA. Sorry! I will keep this post short & sweet!

But I am back real quick and ready to talk about hats. Lol. Silly…. but until you’re rocking day (ahem…week) old hair but also trying to pull off a simple, yet cute, outfit.. then suddenly a hat is your BFF and a total savior for greasy hair.

I feel like not many girls wear hats because they think they look silly or can’t pull it off. But trust me! Hats are so easy going and quite the simple trick to spicing up an outfit! Usually you can catch me in a baseball cap or an adidas one, mainly around the gym. But now I have started to embrace the big, floppy hats and I love them! I have linked my outfit at the bottom of the post. I love this shirt so much that both me and my mother-in-law bought it in the same color lol! We couldn’t resist.

Ok I’m done! I have a lot to get done! Have a good Wednesday ladies!



Top: Gap.com

Jeans & booties: UOIonline.com

Hat: H&M.com


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