Budget Bathroom Makeover

Happy Friday!

I wanted to hop on quick and show you guys my updated bathroom! We have made lots of changes to our house since moving in, but this one is one I did alone just as a quick cosmetic change.

I stupidly do not have any photos of before I started to make changes. #RookieMistake But I do have this photo of before we redid ANYTHING when we moved in. We had this room painted a brighter white, new floor, painted the cabinet black, and removed the mirror and light fixture and replaced with our own.

This quick makeover cost just about $100. I wasn’t looking to change faucets or things like that! Just give it a quick face lift 😉

I originally wanted this bathroom to be a bright white. But once it was white and the floor was white and my sink was a God awful off white color… I knew I wanted to paint. I also knew I really wanted to do a statement wallpaper to bring some life to this room! I chose this removable wall paper from Target because 1) I always change my mind.. so it needed to be removable and 2) I’ve been obsessed with the oversized checkered print for a while now! I got this wallpaper on sale and I love it.

However, I did not love putting it up because I picked the most complex wall to hang it on *EYE ROLL EMOJI*. I could have done one of the open, square walls…. but nope. I picked the wall that I had to maneuver around a toilet and light and sink. But I will say it looks best on this wall.

I painted the remaining 3 walls with this paint from Target. I could have probably gotten a cheaper paint elsewhere, but I was sick of running to different store. This color looks so good with the plaid! I’m usually a white/black/grey type of color person, but I am so glad I chose  this off tan color!

Really the only other changes I made were just decor! This bathroom is our main hall bath, so guests are constantly using it. I wanted it to not be so boring. Bathrooms deserve decor too!! I got this amazzzzzzing shelf from Hobby Lobby and it was 50% off! So it was only $35! The Wash & Dry sign is also from Hobby Lobby for 50% off. HOLLA.

All the little nick-knacks on this shelf are from the dollar bins at Target or just extras I had around the house. I basically just moved things around! The bin of toilet paper (which is just so random and awkward to photograph btw) is another Hobby Lobby find. Swear it looks less awkward in real life! I wanted to keep that photo to show you guys are awesome tile we picked out!


I plan to share more of our home improvements (my  home improvements… Jake is useless lol) so let me know what you think!!



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