1st Trimester Round Up

PHEW. Glad this trimester is coming to an end lol. Let me start by saying this pregnancy is so different than what I experienced with the twins!  My first pregnancy was an overall great experience. My only issue was I went on bed rest at 32 weeks, which is totally common with twins. I had such a great experience that I was really looking forward to being pregnant again. This pregnancy threw me for a curveball though. Basically right way I was hit with the nausea and the fatigue. EXTREME fatigue. From about 4-8 weeks I was really miserable! I didn’t leave the couch, I hardly ate (nothing sounded good/it made me sick!), and I did nothing but sleep. I didn’t work out. My cystic acne came back. Slept like a sloth. Suddenly I was getting car sick now? It was actually quite horrible lol. Felt like those weeks were never ending. 

I would say my turning point was 9 weeks. That is when I finally was waking up with more energy again! I was able to workout, be active with the family, and get things done around the house. Meat still doesn’t sound good, especially steak/chicken breasts. So it’s still hard to make nutritious dinners that sound good to me. I also find myself getting exhausted easier, but in the weirdest ways. Like I can kill an Orange Theory workout, but then I walk up the stairs I act like I am dying lol. It’s the littlest things that exhaust me! 

I have always had issues sleeping & I have taken melatonin for a few years now. But melatonin isn’t safe during pregnancy so I have really been struggling to fall/stay asleep. I already make frequent bathroom trips (I have ever since the twins.. really messed with my bladder) so that doesn’t help! But Unisom is safe during pregnancy and I am bout to start trying that! Hoping it helps! I also use a knee pillow. It was Jake’s but he doesn’t use it. I’m not big enough for a pregnancy pillow yet, but this knee pillow is LIFE. Another thing I am about to start doing as I head into the second trimester is hydrafacials to help my skin! There are some controversial issues on salicylic acid use during pregnancy. My OB has said it will be safe now that I am in second trimester so I can’t wait to start getting one monthly and I hope I see changes in my skin!

Ok enough of all that. Here are some quick topics I have been asked a lot about!


I wouldn’t say I have any cravings until recently I just started to reallllly want bacon a lot! And orange juice (God I want a mimosa hahaha) I have always had a major sweet tooth so I wouldn’t say any changes in craving sweets. Its just who I am at this point! More than cravings, I have had a lot of aversions. Meat sounds gross. I didn’t drink coffee for a few weeks because it sounded horrible. Veggies don’t sound the best either. Mainly I just want to eat carbs #OOPS. I also am very sensitive to dairy, like I normally would never eat a grilled cheese or mac n cheese cup. But of course those things sound amazing right now. Go figure haha. 


I touched on this briefly in my pregnancy announcement here. I am normally pretty flat chested. So when my boobs were looking too good to be true, I knew something was up! Also was sleeping like 10 hours at night and sleeping through the night, totally not like me! I had taken a few negative tests but I just freaking had a feeling that I finally was!


So far I only use the Bump app. It is free and also a good reminder to those of us who forget how far along we are haha. Each week it tells you different information about your baby’s growth!

I also used the flow app for over a year to track my periods/ovulation. This is good to use just to keep track of your normal cycle and make sure everything is staying normal! I like to make sure there are no changes in my cycle, but if there ever was, this app will help me remember!


Honestly tried a few brands and have hated them all except the generic brand of prenatals. I tried those Rainbow Light prenatals you see everyone raving about.. tasted horrible! They aren’t coated in anything so you can taste them going down. Also- they turn your pee green haha. I also tried some gummies that tasted like ass, so I gave up on those. The best have just been the generic Nature’s Own soft gel tablets! Nothing fancy. All my labs have been normal so I have no need for added iron or anything.


I plan to do a much more detailed post on this, but yes I am still working out! And I will continue to until I deliver/am told otherwise. I was active with the twins my whole pregnancy until bed rest at 32 weeks. Being active has been part of my routine for 6+ years now. So pregnancy is no time to stop the effort! I love the effect it has on my recovery time as well. I am not working out to keep off weight or try and stall small. Definitely not my motive. It honestly helps me stay sane, helps my energy levels stay high, and I just feel more like myself! Just have to know not to push it. If I don’t feel like doing a workout, then I won’t. Listening to your body is key!


Not sharing any details here yet! Maybe when we know the gender, maybe not. We’ll see!


Watching Penelope & Jones become big siblings. I think they will love having a baby around, especially Penelope. I know having 3 kids will bring lots of challenges, but I think life in general is just in a much better place now than it was before when I was school and working and Jake was gone. I am so looking forward to this new chapter.


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