14 Things About Me

Something that I’ve always loved about following other bloggers is reading their random list of things about themselves. I always thought to myself, “How do I pick which things to list?? What would I say about myself?!” Well here I am giving it a try! Here’s 14 random things about me:

1.  I am a recovering picky eater. Most people know this, but I don’t think people understood how picky I was. Chicken nuggets, cheese pizza, and peanut butter sandwiches was what I ate every single day. Up until I was pregnant I had never even had a single fruit or vegetable. I swear. Or even any other meat besides chicken (Nope, Not even a hot dog which is usually the picky eaters go-to snack). I forced myself to drink smoothies and juices while pregnant and now I have really expanded my horizons! I now eat turkey meat, asparagus, brocoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, kale chips (no salads…ugh hopefully someday) sweet potatoes, and then some other things. Still not a fan of fruit AT ALL unless in a smoothie. I also won’t try anything new unless it’s healthy. Besides pepperoni pizza…I’ve finally ventured out of the cheese only world and I am never looking back!
2. I never wanted to go to college. I was a straight A student and enjoyed high school, but I had 0 interest in picking a major. I specifically remember telling my mom I didn’t want to go to school right away, and she was devastated. She laid the law the down and basically handed me college applications. She worked harder than I did to make sure I received a great education. I am so thankful that I did it and got my degree. It may not be putting to use at the moment, but I have full intentions of pursuing MY own career some day..when the time is right.
3. I give people benefit of the doubt way too often. I’m the type of person who leaves my valuables in a locker without a lock or who leaves their phone charging by itself at the airport. I like to think that there are decent human beings out there who would do me no wrong. Probably should stop thinking that way..
4. I am a completely different mother than I thought I would be. I thought I would be “no germs, over protective, ‘let’s eat veggies straight out garden’ type of mom.” Instead I am a realistic, impatient, “Here’s a french fry” type of mom and THAT IS OK. Having twins taught me that you can not prevent and plan every situation down to the last detail. Well you can I guess, but it most certainly will not go as planned. You just have to let nature takes is course and go with the flow. My kids were fed formula and I have zero guilt about that. I have locked my son in a car on a hot day in Arizona. I have also skipped bath time way too many times to count. But none of that makes me any less of a great mother.
5. I have real anxiety. Not that, “Omg my anxiety is so high” but that anxiety that keeps me awake all night. The kind where I can’t breathe over the smallest inconvenience. I’ve had it for years, but when I lost my mother it took a turn for the worst. A lot of people take anxiety and depression as something minor and easy to joke about, but ever since I experienced real depression (postpartum is no joke) I will never understand how people take these issues so lightly. Mental health is so important to me. Alone time mixed with the right amount of family time is what keeps me calm and under control.
6. I want, no.. need, full directions and guidance on making all decisions in life. I like being told what to do and how to do it, I’m kind of a perfectionist.. lol. This is why I never pursued my art talents any further than high school. I loved art and creating things, but once we had the freedom to create what we wanted, I was like UHHH HELP TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!
7.  I have a very diverse style. Sometimes I dress in all athlesuire clothes.. sometimes I like the boho look… some days I like the sleek style. I feel like I pull it all off preeeettty well (patting myself on the back) and I love trying new styles!
8. At some point I will have more kids. I always joke that I am D O N E since having the twins, but Jake wants a big family. I do too, but all in good time! But not too long of a wait..lol. I want to be done with babies by 30 at the latest. That may seem young to the majority of you reading this, but for health reasons, I want a full hysterectomy by 30. My mom had ovarian cancer, my grandma had cervical cancer, and my sister has had pre cervical cancer cells. (She’s healthy now!) It’s just not a risk I am willing to take. So give me all the babies while I’m young and healthy!!
9. I had no interest in baseball before dating Jake. LOL I still don’t have an interest either unless it’s him playing. That may sound rude to you, but it works for us. I support my husband 110% when he’s on he mound. But when he’s not, I have no desire to watch.
10. The greatest feeling in the world is shaving my legs (I have to do this every. single. day…it is an OCD habit) and then climbing right into bed with my big fuzzy blanket and not doing a damn thing. I am a constant go go go type of person because I like to keep busy. But MAN, do I also love not doing a single thing!
11. My fitness journey started because I didn’t go out for track senior year and once cheerleading ended I was so bored that I didn’t know what to do with my new free time. I wanted to still be active so I decided to start working out for fun. I never thought it would be something I would continue to do every day for the rest of my life but WOW I really enjoyed working out when a coach wasn’t forcing me to do it!
12. I don’t sleep. Well I do, but I don’t. You know what I mean, right? Like I will be absolutely dog shit tired and lay down at 8 PM but I will not fall asleep until midnight. I have night had a full night’s sleep where I do not wake up in YEARS. I can count 2 specific times that I have actually slept through the night. This is so frustrating because my husband is the total opposite and could sleep any where any time.. not me though.
13. My biggest dream used to be (ok…still is) to either be in a Cosmopolitan magazine or work for Cosmopolitan. I love everything about the magazine. Inside and out. Simple as that. So um, hi hello hire me.
14. I do not charge my phone at night. Ever. And then every single morning I get pissed at myself for it. Every morning….


  • Reply Alyssa Zell April 27, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    Fiber one brownie and Arthur’s ice cream…that’s all I remember you eating!!

  • Reply Nicole E. May 2, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    This is great! I love the ‘about me’ section on peoples’ profiles too and remember putting RIDICULOUS amounts of time into making my MySpace/Xenga accounts perfect lmao

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