Washing My Hair Once a Week Breakdown

Happy Friday! Time for my 2nd Fitness Friday post! You guys on Instagram told me you wanted my next post to be workout related, but unfortunately I couldn’t record any good workouts this week since I was sick. Next week I will!

Instead, I am focusing today’s post on something I get asked all the time..

“How do you only wash your hair once a week while working out so often?!”

This is one of the most FAQ in my DMs lol. I am flattered you all think of me when it comes to greasy hair + working out :,) But honestly, there surprisingly is an art to this! Let me explain below.

So it used to be that I would wash my hair once a week. Since I wasn’t leaving the house all the time, besides to go to the gym, I would just leave my hair in the messy gym bun and let it sit until bed time. Then repeat the messy bun in the morning. With a hell of a lot dry shampoo on the days I had to actually do my hair.

Well, that method was fine and all, but I noticed my ends breaking and being way more damaged than they should be. So I have been paying more attention to my hair at the gym, and this has made it SO much easier to style on the days I need to! There are basically two easy steps!

SO it starts with switching up how you wear your hair, especially at the gym! This is simple, but very necessary. I remember my sister was in high school and she used to always wear her hair in a ponytail. She started to actually get a small bald spot on the back of her head because she was always wearing the pony tail in the same spot. So YEAH basically this has been a fear of mine for a long time. So what you should do is switch up how you wear your hair at the gym. It gives the cuticle a break and helps your ends, especially if you wear it in a bun a lot! You ever notice how you take your hair out of a bun and the ends are all kinky and jagged? Try doing some ponytails or braids next time you’re going to the gym (or even just lounging around!)

OK here is the next step! Instead of leaving your DIRTY gym hair in a bun all day, try taking your hair down immediately after finishing your workout! Keep a brush in your gym bag and brush out your hair. Letting your hair air dry down will ensure all of your hair is getting dried instead of only certain parts getting dried in that giant messy bun. I will let my hair down for the car ride home and then once it is dry, I will put it back in a pony tail/clip for the day. Or even leave it down!

On days I want to style my hair, I will **brace yourself… some find this gross** blow dry my hair while it is still wet with sweat and then use dry shampoo after. Not that gross in my opinion, but whateves.. it works for me! I do this at the gym because my gym is super nice and has blowdryers in the locker rooms! I keep this cute little shower bag in my gym bag because I sometimes shower at my gym or at least wash my face after! I know not everyone has a blow dryer in there gym locker room, but you can still do this at home! I keep the heat on COOL for this! Better on the hair and also feels great after a workout. This will make your hair last so much longer!! I legit ran 4 miles and did a leg workout the other day. I was DRENCHED. But yet after blow drying my hair in the gym + brushing it out, you would never guess I had just worked my butt off because my hair looks fine here! Also going on like day 6 in this photo. (please look past this shameless selfie……)

Maybe you already do this.. good for you! But maybe your like me and you’re on day 3 of that same gym bun.. yikes. Just try leaving your hair down more and I bet you will go longer in between washes! I have linked my favorite and totally affordable  dry shampoo below!

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