Warm in Pink

Happy Tuesday! I spent my Sunday shooting some looks for my blog and I am so excited to edit + share them! I am sharing just a few photos today and telling y’all about my favorite & affordable must have bodysuits!

So, I know I said one of my new years resolutions was to buy quality clothing… and I have been! But something that I will always go for the cheaper option is definitely bodysuits. Here is why- 1) they are staple items! Every girl needs a least a few bodysuit options! They can be as casual or as dressy as you want them to be. Pair them with a denim skirt, jeans, or even cozy joggers! And 2) I am so freaking tall lol. It doesn’t matter where I get bodysuits from, they are always not long enough for my torso. It becomes an instant thong and 9/10 times I do not even button them lol #noshame.

So I tend to opt for the more affordable options so that I can own more in different colors!  My favorite place for bodysuits is Forever21. I can’t really shop in the store because I get instant anxiety, so instead I just go to their website and type in “bodysuits” and BOOM. Hundreds of styles. The key is to keep them simple. Just a plain, solid color will look amazing and it allows you to layer the look with a cardigan, jacket, or even layer a dress over the bodysuit! (my fav).

I love bodysuits + high rise denim because it makes me look long and thin- which is a win in my book. These jeans are a new purchase from Urban Outfitters that I got on sale and GOSH it was love at first sight!!!  I cannot get enough of them. I promise you will be seeing these a lot 😉

Finish off the outfit a lil class by putting a simple cargo jacket over your shoulders (side note, I have always wanted to be one of those people who places their jacket over their shoulders for absolutely no reason. Check that off the bucket list haha) This jacket is from Pink Coconut Boutique and it is a must. Obsessed with the color! You can order one of these, or anything from their site, and use the code Bree20 for 20% your order!

Basically what I’m saying is… this whole outfit is a must 😉


Jacket// Pink Coconut Boutique | Denim// Urban Outfitters | Bodysuit// Forever 21

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