UPDATED! Skin Care Routine

Ahhhhh. Finally in OUR HOME as I type this up. Such an amazing feeling. Our routine and schedule was so messed up while renovations happened for the past month. We stayed with family + friends during that time, which was hard because we have SO. MUCH. STUFF. It was scattered all over the place making it hard to keep up with my vitamins, skin care, and gym routine. But I’m not going to beat myself up over it! We are starting fresh now and I am so happy ☺️


So before the move, my skin was at it’s ALL TIME best. I had no more breakouts and I was finally happy with my skin. I still had some minor scarring, but that will go away in time. After being all jumbled up for the past month.. I started slacking on my routine/diet and I noticed immediately.. So here I am today starting over and making sure I am taking better care of my skin again! I mean…it’s the only skin ya got so you better take care of it.

I shared a skin care routine awhile back.. but I’ve added a few things since then and I’ve noticed even BETTER changes! Something to keep in mind is everyone has different skin types. I have a normal/dry type of skin. I breakout during stress/diet related issues (Bummer). But this routine has helped me keep those breakouts under control!

So I once heard a fellow Instagramer, Cafe Binge, say something that has stuck ever since, “skin care routine does not stop at your jaw. It’s continues all the way to your neck and chest.” This will help prevent your skin from getting those pesky wrinkles in the future and also help eliminate those sweat pimples. She has amazing skin care tips so make sure you’re following her!

Below are the products I am using. My bedtime routine is very simple: wash, treatment, hydrate.

Every other night I will exfoliate using THIS. I actually bought this from a fellow baseball GF who did my facial a few weeks ago. She was AMAZING! And a total coincidence that she was part of the baseball world.  She was educating me on tons of products through out the whole facial. This particular exfoliant is great because it is a gentle exfoliant but the stone crop is great for hydration and brightening; eliminating the appearance of being red and swollen (aka ME).


The nights I am not exfoliating, I will use this glycolic face wash. This does wonders and helps rejuvenate the skin cells and speed up the healing process. You can also let it sit on the skin for awhile and it works as a mild face mask. I love it because I can feel a slight tingle, so I feel as if it is working!


After washing or exfoliating, I will use my Trenitoin cream prescribed from my dermatologist. THIS was a game changer. Perhaps a life saver. I was having bad under the skin breakouts and it turned my skin around. Once I put this on, I will typically brush my teeth while it dries. After wards I finish off with Rosehip oil. Since I am in the sun a lot in AZ, this is the best way to keep my dry skin hydrated.

If I wash my face in the morning or after a workout, I will use Cetaphil face wash and CeraVe face lotion. These are very gentle cleansers/lotions. They don’t clog my pores and they leave my skin feeling fresh and smooth.


I also am taking an antibiotic every morning and night to kill the bacteria causing my breakouts. I have been slacking on this because they were lost in the move, but I am starting back on my Bactrim again. Talk to your dermatologist about this!


I am always looking to improve my skin care. I think it is DEFINITELY something most women AND MEN are taking for granted. This is the skin you will have forever. We should be nourishing it! Let me know your fav products!



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